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The Schweitzer Mountain Resort shopping is rather limited. The Schweitzer shopping covers the basics for skiing and snowboarding, and there are a couple of other shops within the small village.

Schweitzer Ski Shops

There are two Schweitzer ski shops on-mountain. The Source is the resort owned ski and snowboard shop, a medium sized store with a small range of outerwear (snow jackets and pants), inner layers, and accessories such as helmets, gloves, and backpacks. The Source also has a small range of Schweitzer souvenirs.

In addition to ski rentals, the Alpine Shop has a retail section selling hardwear (they have demo skis and snowboards), a little outerwear, and various ski and snowboard accessories.

Sandpoint Ski Shops

Alpine Sports also has a store in downtown Sandpoint. This ski shop sells ski boots and a decent range of skis, jackets and pants, and thermal apparel. They also have lots of ski and snowboard accessories, and lots of Schweitzer souvenir clothing such as t-shirts and hoodies.

Sandpoint also has a dedicated snowboard shop.

Other Schweitzer Shopping

Gourmandie is located in the White Pine Lodge. Gourmandie is a combination of a café, wine tasting shop, gourmet food store, and gift store. The shop sells lots of gourmet culinary treats including cheese, tapenade and cured meats. The store also has a very wide range of wines for sale. In addition to various upscale and creative crafts, Gourmandie sells lots of classy Schweitzer souvenirs such as wine glasses and coffee mugs.

The Market is a small convenience store selling sundries and very basic groceries, a few gifts, and some beers, wine and other liquor. If you need to do a substantial grocery shop, you’re best going to one of the Sandpoint supermarkets.

Sandpoint has various shops. There are a couple of antique stores and many of the other shops are a little eclectic and the type of shopping to be expected for a small Idaho town. Sandpoint is very proud of its bridge market, which they claim is the longest retail bridge in the world (they clearly haven’t visited other parts of the world!!). The bridge has crafts shops, a café or two, and stalls selling gourmet cheeses or other delights.