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Wagner Custom Skis Advertising was established in 2008 as a resource for snow travel enthusiasts and has since grown to be one of the world's most valued "go-to" website's for anyone researching their next ski or snowboarding holiday.... see our website user reviews (to the left).

Not only do people research their next destination, they research & book other services via including:

  • Accommodation;
  • Airport shuttles & car rentals;
  • Ski & snowboarding equipment rentals;
  • Guided ski tours including heli & cat skiing tours;
  • Activities such as snowmobiling & dog sled tours.

They are also starting to short-list things like:

  • Other activities to do when they get there;
  • Where to eat and go out at night, and;
  • Where to go to buy that special ski jacket or holiday momento.

Visitor Stats currently receives around 1.8 million visits from 1.2 million unique visitors annually from people actively researching their next snow holiday.

Users by Geography

 USA /CAD   40 % 
 AUS / NZ  25%
 ASIA  15%
 UK/ EUR  10 %
 Other  10%

We are happy to provide more detail on this if you are interested in targeting a specific audience.

Advertising on

If you have a product or service related to the snow sports industry, could be an ideal place to add to your marketing mix.

Whilst we don't do snow reports and things that generate a lot of repeat visits, we have a very highly targeted audience that may be actively seeking your product or service. can provide a number of affordable ways of promoting your brand and attracting qualified visitors to your website.

Please note, we are only interested in advertisers that have products / services that are relevant and/or topically aligned with the pages in which we place the ads.

Advertising Options

Ad Listings

Whilst isn't huge on traffic volumes, it provides very highly targeted advertising on pages that relate to what a user is looking for.

For example, people who arrive at this page are specifically looking for ski or snowboard rentals:

Ad Listings are charged at a "Cost-Per-Click" rate (which varies depending on the product/service being offered) or a "flat annual fee" per listing.

These ad listings can be targeted to specific geographic audiences as well.

Please contact us for rates and details for your specific requirements.

Rotating Banner Ads

If you are looking to more broadly advertise your product/service to heighten brand awareness, generate qualified visits to their website, and to acquire new leads and customers, we offer rotating banner ads on a CPM (cost per 1,000 gross views) basis.

Rotating banner ads are image-based ads that appear in a prominent position on all content pages of; e.g. We also run internal banner ads in these positions however links from these banner ads are directed to your website.

The ads are served via a third party ad server and work as follows...

Audience Control:
  • Select one or more regions (zones) on to target people who are more likely to be interested in your services
  • Select the location of your audience where you want your ad(s) to appear
  • For example you might just want to your ad to appear on our Chile pages and only display to people browsing from the United States, or you might want to target all the South American pages and show your ads to everyone apart from people in the US.

Campaign Management:

We will set up your account and create your first campaign and then send you a login so you can manage your own ads and campaigns (or you can just let the campaign we set up run and you have the ability to tweak it):

  • Audience targeting
  • Daily budget
  • Ad creative

Banner Ad Size:
300 H x 240 W pixels

You can supply the artwork or we will create a banner for free.

An example of the banner ads in action can be seen here (top right):

Please enquire for more information about rates