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About Review Rewards

Points Needed Title
1 Powder Puppy
50 Powder Enthusiast
100 Powder Connoisseur
175 Powder Addict
250 Powderhounds Ambassador

My Rewards

Powder Connoisseur Achievement Reward
A $300 voucher you can redeem for any of the following online stores
Points required
Not enough points
Powder Addict Achievement Reward
A $500 gift voucher to be used for any of the following online stores
Points required
Not enough points
Ambassador Status
As an ambassador you will have the potential for opportunities to visit destinations & hotels on behalf of as a representative. This may include support for lift tickets, lodging & other related services & activities.
Points required

About Rewards

In addition to the rewards for achievement of the levels as shown above, Powderhounds will run ad-hoc incentive programs over various periods throughout the year. We will promote these incentives via Facebook and on this page so be sure to like our Facebook page and/or visit this page regularly.

Terms & Conditions

Review Approval

All reviews are manually approved to ensure a degree of validation. In some cases, admin may email the reviewer to clarify some aspects of the review to ensure further validation.

The destination must have been visited within the past 12 months.

General T&C

The email you use for submitting a review needs to be the same as the email utilised for member sign-up.

Points Allocation

Admin allocates points of out of 5 for each review depending on its quality in allowing others to research a trip. The opinion portrayed in the review does not affect the rating.

In order to achieve a rating of 4/5, the review must be well written so it’s easy to understand, be a minimum of 150 words, cover multiple aspects and not be uni-dimensional (e.g. just about lift ticket prices, parking, or the equipment rental shop), and outline some pros as well as cons.

For a 5/5, in addition to the above, the review must include photos and/or video.

Here is an example of a review (Steep & Cheap by Powderhounds) that’s scored 5/5.


Ambassador is the ultimate status as a reviewer. An ambassador has visited many places and demonstrated extensive depth of knowledge about powder destinations. To retain the level, a minimum of 50 points needs to be obtained every 12 months.