Villa la Angostura Lodging Info

Villa la Angostura Lodging Info

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Villa la Angostura Lodging

The Villa La Angostura area offers about 4,000 beds across a range of accommodation for most tastes and budgets. At one end of the spectrum, there are lots of really upscale and exclusive Villa la Angostura hotels that overlook the water and mountains. Villa la Angostura also has several hostels, and cabanas can be another inexpensive option.

Lodging prices tend to be a little more expensive in Villa la Angostura compared with hotels in Bariloche, although this is probably reflective of the quality of the accommodation.

Limited Villa la Angostura accommodation is located in the town centre (El Cruce). More accommodation is situated on the outskirts of town, tucked away on the lakeshore or amongst the forests (which is one reason it’s advantageous to have a rental car). Villa la Angostura has various different neighbourhoods (barrios). See the Villa la Angostura travel page for a little more information regarding orientation to the areas of Villa la Angostura.

Villa la Angostura Accommodation Listings

Villa la Angostura Hotels – El Cruce (Town Centre)

El Cruce is the area near the main street (Av Arrayanes) including where it intersects with Av Siete Lagos (the 7 Lakes Road). This area has a high concentration of shops, services and restaurants.

El Cruce is a particularly convenient place to stay for those without a rental car, as it allows easy access to town, the bus stop, and the other activities. One potential downside is that accommodations don’t tend to provide fantastic views, but if you’re out and about most of the day this probably won’t matter. Here are a few options in the area...

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Hotels Villa la Angostura – Out of Town

The outskirts of town have an abundance of lodging options, many of which are distributed along the shores of the lakes, providing idyllic views and very tranquil surroundings. It’s possible to get around via taxis and shuttles, but these locations are most ideal if you have a rental car.

The Bahia Manzano and Peninsula Puerto Manzano area has a raft of exclusive and gorgeous hotels and hosterias that overlook the very quiet inlets of Lake Nahuel Huapi. This barrio is located about 7km out of town, on the Bariloche (southeast) and Cerro Bayo Ski Resort side of town.

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Villa Correntoso Accommodation

Villa Correntoso (aka Caprara) is an incredibly picturesque area, 3.5km northwest of town near the highly photographed bridge that crosses the Correntoso River. The Arauco neighbourhood is located a little further past the bridge.

The Powderhounds have stayed at 3 star Hosteria Puertas Del Sol ($$$), which is located just south of the bridge. This small hotel has large rooms, nice common areas, good wifi, English speaking hosts, a great breakfast, and the all-important views across the lake.  

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