Bariloche Lodging Information

Bariloche Lodging Information

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Bariloche Lodging

Bariloche hotels are abundant, and combined with a prolific number of hosterias and apartments you’ll be spoiled for choice. Other Bariloche accommodation options include hostels, cabanas (cabins), and private vacation houses. Considering there’s lots of competition, Bariloche accommodation usually provides very good value for money.

Central Bariloche Hotel Options

Downtown San Carlos de Bariloche has lots of hotels, with a large concentration around Av. San Martin and its continuation of Moreno, one of the main roads of Bariloche.

The obvious advantage of staying in downtown Bariloche is being close to the action and within easy walking distance of transport options and the many shops, restaurants and nightlife spots. If you like to sleep with the window open you may hear some of the revellers partying at night, but this is part of the buzz of Bariloche.

The central area of Bariloche has only a handful of hosterias (or posadas) which are generally smaller than hotels and feel more like a guesthouse.

Here are a few options we have picked offering good value with varying budgets that are centrally located and most have car parking available...

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San Carlos de Bariloche Budget Accommodation

If you are looking to do Bariloche on the cheap, there are a good variety of options close to the town centre from cheap hostels, cabanas & apartments. Here are a couple of highly rated budget lodgings in Bariloche...

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San Carlos de Bariloche Hotels – Out of Town

There is also plenty of lodging in the many sprawling suburbs of Bariloche. Much of the lodging is located along PRN237 Exequiel Bustillo 5Av, the road that runs alongside the lake between central Bariloche and Cerro Catedral. Suburbs in this area include Los Maitenes, El Mirador, Pinar de Festa, and Perito Moreno near the turn-off to Catedral. The settlements of Llao Llao and Puerto Pañuelo also have lots of lodging options and are located on a peninsula about 26km from downtown and 25km from Cerro Catedral.

The hotels, hosterias, apartments and cabanas located along the lake have the distinct advantage of providing gorgeous views across the lake and a tranquil atmosphere. If you don’t have a car and want to head to the restaurants or shops of central Bariloche, the obvious disadvantage is the potential inconvenience or cost associated with transport.

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Cerro Catedral Accommodation

If the main purpose of your visit to Bariloche is to ski or snowboard at Cerro Catedral, the other option is to stay on-mountain. Cerro Catedral accommodation provides the great convenience of easy access to the slopes, thereby eliminating the cost and time involved with daily transport between Bariloche and the ski resort. Whilst Cerro Catedral isn’t as vibrant as Bariloche when it comes to nightlife or restaurants, the village has enough action to keep the average punter happy.

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Cerro Catedral Accommodations