Villa la Angostura Restaurants

Villa la Angostura Restaurants

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Villa la Angostura Restaurants

Villa la Angostura is a very affluent area of Argentina, so not surprisingly it attracts some great chefs and is well known for its high quality gastronomy. The main concentration of restaurants, cafes and confiterias is in El Cruce, particularly along Av Arrayanes and its cross streets.

Many of the Villa la Angostura restaurants serve very similar fare that could be categorised as being typical for the area: trout, Patagonian lamb, forest mushroom dishes, and venison. The restaurants also serve international food commonly found in Argentina: hamburgers, pizzas, and pastas, with the sauce and pasta sold separately of course!

La Caballeriza is potentially the top of the pops. This reddy-pink coloured restaurant on the main street (Av Arrayanes 44) serves up fantastic steaks as well as a big range of entrees.

Los Troncos, as the name suggests, has lots of trout dishes, but they also serve up a range of Patagonian cuisine and lots of desserts. They have an English menu which may be welcomed by those without great Spanish language skills, who are tired of guessing what they’re ordering or using the i-phone menu decipherer! The décor of the restaurant is somewhat typical of Villa la Angostura, with very cutesy homely decorations and unfinished wood furniture and architecture.

Gran Nevada (Av Arrayanes 106, El Cruce) is usually very busy. This eatery serves up simple meals such as pasta, pizza, and some local specialities at prices that are cheap, cheap, cheap. It scores no points for décor or comfort considering the ugly carpet covered bench seats, but this just seems to add to the culture of dining at Gran Nevada, and the name of course excites most skiers and snowboarders!

Vientos Verdes, also in the main street, offers a range of fare and it’s open for gringo dinner time, unlike many other Villa la Angostura restaurants.

If you’re staying in the Bahia Manzano / Puerto Manzano area, La Trattoria at the Bahia Manzano Hotel is a beautiful restaurant with lots of local cuisine and great service.

Villa la Angostura Bars & Nightlife

The nightlife in Villa la Angostura is renowned for being a little quieter than the usual crazy way of Argentina.

Some of the hotels have sedate bars for an après drink, or in town there are various resto-bars where you can go for a meal then listen to music. After that you can have a bit of a dance if you didn’t ruin your legs on the slopes. The Hub Resto & Bar & Music is a cute “made to look old bar” that’s good for a relaxed drink and dinner. It was super quiet when we visited, so we’re not sure if it’s “goes off” or not. Other resto-bars include Tinto Bristo, La Camorra and Probar, or there is the NQ Dance disco.