Appi Shopping

Appi Shopping

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Appi Shopping

Appi Resort has several shops. Whilst the Appi shopping won’t be enough to entertain shop-a-holics for long, the shops at Appi Kogen are adequate to pick up some souvenirs and very basic ski and snowboard gear.

Appi Ski and Snowboard Shop

The Resort Centre has the Sports Shop Mountain Gate shop for winter gear. This Appi ski and snowboard shop has a little outerwear from Armada and Peak Performance and it has lots of accessories such as gloves, beanies, socks, thermals and goggles. They also sell a small range of après boots. 

Souvenir & General Shopping

Whether you’re after an Appi souvenir or the latest Hello Kitty gadget, you’ll have some choice.

The largest souvenir shop is at the Resort Centre where they sell all things Appi: knick-knacks, mugs, pens, souvenir food, t-shirts that will even fit big Westerners.

Other souvenir and sundry shops are located at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. They sell fairly typical Japanese souvenirs, snacks, beverages and basic sundries such as sunscreen.

For basic grocery purchases you could try to get to the Lawson convenience store at the bottom of the access road, but for anything more substantial you’ll have to head into Obuke or Morioka. So BYO anything you might need, and this includes nappies.