Appi Facilities

Appi Facilities

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Appi Services & Facilities

The services, facilities and hospitality at Appi Ski Resort are very good. The Resort Centre and Appi Plaza have many facilities for day trippers, and there are further amenities at the slopeside hotels. 

Appi Kogen Ski School and Snowboard School

For kids ages 3-9, Crayon Shin-chan Kids School offers lessons on an indoor slope and incorporates games and fun equipment.

The Appi snowsports school offers group lessons in English for kids ages 7 and up (ski or snowboard) and adults 13 and up. These are 2 hour lessons which are conducted in the morning and afternoon. During March, there are no group lessons and a private lesson is your only option.

Appi Kogen Ski Rentals and Snowboard Hire

Appi Kogen has a large ski and snowboard rental shop at the Resort Centre as well as rental stations at the Holiday Inn and there is a luxury ski rental lounge at the Hotel Crowne Plaza. The rental gear is mainly Salomon and Atomic and is reasonably new. Equipment includes a large range of skis including powder skis, snowboards, boots and clothing.

The Appi ski shops cater well to westerners and have clothing and boots in sizes from small kids up to XXXL adults.

Expect to pay a lot for Appi ski rentals compared to most other Japanese ski resorts.

Facilities for Children

Child care is no longer available and babysitting is not offered by the hotels.

Eating On Mountain / Lunch Time Restaurants

Appi Kogen has a moderate range of options to choose from for a lunch-time feed.

The Red House (which is purple!) is located mid-mountain and serves classic Japanese ski resort fare.

At the base area there is a huge food court with various different food outlets. Options include Chinese noodles, curry, pizza, spaghetti, Korean fare, ramen and other Japanese cuisine.

The Resort Centre also has a café that serves burgers and coffee.

If you’ve been burning up plenty of energy on the slopes, you can get a big lunch time feed at the buffet restaurant in the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Or the Appi café in the tower building of the Crowne Plaza serves hamburgers, cakes, and coffee.

On weekends, Gold Pass and Black Pass holders can head to the Mountaintop Gallery Lounge in the top gondola station to enjoy free coffee and cookies. It offers a small range of lunch options such as pizza and sandwiches.

Banking Facilities

Most restaurants and shops at Appi accept credit card so you won’t have much need for cash, but if you do, the Hotel Crowne Plaza has an ATM that accepts international cards near the reception area. There is an ATM at Lawson near the Appikogen train station (about 2.5km from the resort) or there is access to an ATM in Morioka at the post office near the train station.