Mt Baker Facilities

Mt Baker Facilities

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Mt Baker Ski Area has two base zones, with the main day lodge at the White Salmon base, and the secondary Heather Meadows day lodge (only open weekends and holidays).

Eating On Mountain

The White Salmon Day Lodge with its ‘charming and warm’ industrial concrete interior serves up some tasty food at prices that are incredibly reasonable. But be warned that the simple task of getting a serve of chili cheese fries can be an absolute battle. Now let’s just clarify right from the outset that the chili cheese fries are delicious, but can they please sort out the inefficient, wasteful demarcation dispute between the burger/fries men and the soup/chili men! The serving men are next to each other but you have to get one to put the fries from a big bowl into a paper cup, they hand you a paper cup full of fries, which you dutifully then hand to another man (standing next to the first!) who dumps said fries from the paper cup into a ceramic bowl and covers with the requested chili and other accompaniments. This is very time consuming, but at least it provides some added entertainment!

The Heather Meadows Day Lodge (only open on weekends and holidays), whilst it is a pain in the bum to get to, serves the best food. Healthy fresh sandwiches, huge brownies, nice burgers, and other yummies are on offer.

The ski-in only Raven Hut near the base of Chairs 4, 5 and 6 is a welcome spot to rest your weary legs. Standard fare (burgers fries, chili, soup, sandwiches, those awesome brownies) is available and a couple of fireplaces to warm up and dry your wet gear (and your gear is likely to get very wet!).

Mt Baker Ski and Snowboard Rental

Performance rental equipment is available at the White Salmon base area, whilst you can find standard rentals available at the mountain shop at the Heather Meadows base area.

Mt Baker Ski Shops

Ski and snowboard retail equipment and accessories are also available at both base areas. Otherwise head to the famous Mt Baker Snowboard Shop in Glacier, or the Glacier Ski Shop.

Facilities for Children

The Mt Baker ski area does not offer child care facilities.

Kids ski lessons for ages 3-4 are in a private format, whilst older children can participate in a group lesson.