Park City Activities

Park City Activities 

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There is a huge range of Park City activities on offer, either in the town or the surrounding areas – almost everything you could imagine.

Park City Ski Tours & Activities

The Interconnect Tour is a novel guided experience that takes experienced skiers to 4-6 Utah ski resorts and the backcountry areas between them. It is only open to skiers because lots of traversing and side-stepping is required, so skiers need to be in good physical condition. It might be worth doing it before the One Wasatch inter-connects all these ski resorts via lifts.

Park City has various cross-country skiing opportunities. White Pine Touring offers 20km of track and skate skiing at the Park City golf course. The Homestead Resort and Soldier Hollow also have tracks.

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Park City Cat Skiing

Powder hounds can go cat skiing and get a good dose of fresh powder skiing or snowboarding with Park City Powder Cats. Cat skiing is sort of like heli skiing, except a snowcat (a grooming machine with a cabin on the back) takes guests to the top of the runs instead of a helicopter. Snowcat skiing is much cheaper than heli skiing, and it’s an awesome way to score fresh powder turns.  

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Family Activities Park City

There are various child friendly activities in Park City, whether you are looking for some quality adults-only time or all-inclusive family entertainment.

The Alpine Coaster has been categorised here as a family activity but it’s definitely not just for kids or families. This little rollercoaster is surprisingly good. Located just above the base of the Park City Ski Resort, this ride has individual trains that have a brake lever, so you can go as slow or as fast (within reason) as you like and experience some minor G-forces. You can ride in tandem or go solo. This ride is good fun and will be guaranteed to result in some whooping and giggling.

Nervous laughter will also ensue with snow tubing at Gorgoza Park, 5 minutes out of town off the I-80. The park also has mini-snowmobile rides.

Woodward Park City also has some pretty impressive tubing lanes.

There are plenty of activities at the Utah Olympic Park to entertain both adults and children including tubing, zip-lining, and museum tours.

Other Park City activities for families include ice skating, sleigh rides, and sledding.

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Park City Activities - Adventure

Adventure seekers will find plenty of Park City attractions. The thrill of careening around in a snowmobile is on offer with seven different operators, and dog-sledding is another option. If you can bring yourself to wake up early, sunrise hot air balloon rides are a beautiful way to see Park City. Many of the Park City activity operators provide a complimentary shuttle service.

Bob sledding at the Utah Olympic Park is the ultimate buzz!!

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Park City Attractions - Leisure

Less adrenaline pumped Park City activities include snowshoeing, theatres, and strolling amongst the many galleries. One of the Park City attractions could also be considered the fabulous Park city shopping!


There are at least 20 Park City day spas – blimey! Most offer a full menu of treatments including massages, facials and body treatments. They also offer pedicures but it seems rather wasteful to put pretty feet into ski or snowboard boots!

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Park City commonly has events including various ski and snowboard championships. The most famous of Park City events is the Sundance Film Festival which happens in late January and takes over the town. If you can afford the Park City accommodations during Sundance it can be a great time to go skiing. The slopes are generally uncrowded as people are either pretending to watch films, or they have a hangover!
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