Cerro Catedral Shopping


Cerro Catedral Shopping

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Cerro Catedral shopping includes a mix of ski and snowboard shops, souvenir stores and the obligatory chocolate shops.

Las Terrazas Shopping Mall

The small Las Terrazas shopping mall is located next to the Sextuple Express lift. The shopping mall has some flashy ski and snowboard shops including a boutique Bula shop and a Spyder shop with all things Spyder at inflated prices. There’s also a Burton snowboard shop.

The shopping mall has a chocolate shop, a general store, a photographic business, and a women’s clothing and jewellery boutique.

Other Ski and Snowboard Equipment and Clothing

Cerro Catedral has various other ski and snowboard shops. You can get a decent range of outerwear and accessories, although prices tend to be a bit higher than in North America. There is not a big range of hardwear available and it might be hard to find equipment such as ski poles. And you’re highly unlikely to find any backcountry gear such as backpacks, shovels, probes or avalanche beacons. It’s best to BYO this gear from home.

Grocery Shopping

There is a mini mercado a few doors down from the Soul Max Hotel that sells wine, beers, simple groceries and fresh produce. If you’re self-catering there’s also a big supermarket down in Bariloche that delivers groceries.

Chocolate Shops

Bariloche is the chocolate capital of Argentina so it seems apt that Cerro Catedral gets in on the act. There are various chocolate shops. The aroma is rather alluring and before you know it you’ll be in front of one of the chocolate counters drooling! Pick one of every type of chocolate if you like, because the prices are remarkably low.

The shop with the Russian/Ukranian dolls is the best – Mamuschka - yum!! If you don’t believe us, you’ll at least have fun testing out all the chockie shops!