Cerro Catedral Facilities & Services


Cerro Catedral Facilities & Services

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Catedral Ski Resort Facilities

Cerro Catedral has very well developed services and facilities. Rather than being resort owned, many of the services are privately owned so prices remain somewhat affordable thanks to some healthy competition.

Services at Cerro Catedral are spread across the base area but many are centred around the Las Terrazas shopping mall (near the 6-pack lift) and the Plaza Amancay at the base of the gondola. The latter offers overnight boot and ski/snowboard storage, which is handy if your hotel is a decent walk away.

Cerro Catedral Ski School

There are lots of different snowsports schools that operate from Catedral. Don’t bother shopping around because they pretty much have the same prices and offer the same packages for adults and kids; 2 hour group lessons and private lessons by the hour.

None of the operators provide group lessons in English (unless you BYO group) and there’s no guarantee of availability of an English speaking instructor with some of the operators.

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Catedral Ski Hire

There is an array of privately owned shops offering ski hire and snowboard rental. Prices are reasonable and the quality is pretty good. If you’re looking for fat skis or backcountry equipment rentals, your options are somewhat limited.

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Facilities for Children

Day care for children is available for babies aged 45 days to 3 years for half day sessions or full day sessions (9am to 5pm). Costs are OK and lunch is not included. Don’t expect that the staff will be able to speak English. In-room babysitting can also be organised by many of the main hotels.

For older children up to 11 years old, the Kids Club is included in the cost of the ski pass. This allows access to play areas at the base, and sporting and recreational activities lead by physical education instructors and teachers. English is not widely spoken, so this program may not work as well for uni-lingual children.

Eating On Mountain

Cerro Catedral has lots of great on-mountain restaurants and refugios that have plenty of character. They can get really packed though, so it’s a shame there aren’t more lunch spots.

La Roca is a delightfully spiffy place to have lunch, located at the top of the gondola. With comfortable couches, upscale décor and a well stocked bar, there’s a risk that you might settle in for the afternoon and have to download the gondola. Or perhaps it’s the really poor service that turns a quick lunch into a two hour affair?

Arguably the best spot for lunch is El Cabo located at the top of the gondola next door to the Punta Nevada restaurant. El Cabo is small and cosy so it might be hard to get a table considering all the pedestrians, but the service is good and the pizzas are fantastic.

Cabana at the top of the Sextuple lift offers simple inexpensive meals, whilst Barrilete a fraction further down the mountain is popular on fine days, in part because of the fabulous views afforded from the deck.

Even better views (if that’s possible!) can be appreciated from the outdoor seating at Refugio Lynch at the top of the mountain, and some of the indoor vistas are good too. The building is also impressive and you can grab an expensive lunch, but give the coffee a skip. It potentially wins the award for the worst coffee in Argentina…. so it must be bad!

Alternatively if you’re returning to the base area there are various cafes in Villa Catedral as well as the food court in the shopping mall.

Be aware that some of the eateries may not accept credit cards, and if they do, they may only exclusively accept Mastercard or Visa.


Cerro Catedral often has poor snow cover near the base and sometimes they don’t close a run even if it’s completely bare. As a result, the ski and snowboard repair businesses must do a roaring trade.

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Banking Facilities

The base area of Cerro Catedral has two ATMs that accept international cards.