Rusutsu Facilities & Services

Rusutsu Facilities & Services

Rusutsu is a well developed resort with very good services and facilities for those on a ski or snowboard holiday.

Child Care

Located in the Rusutsu Resort Hotel complex, the Daniel Kindergarten provides child care in either a half day or full day format for kids aged 1-4. Proof of age may be required. The kindergarten runs from 8:45am to 4:30pm but unfortunately they’re closed for lunch from 12:15-1:15pm so you’ll need to leave the chest deep powder on Mt Isola and head back to have lunch with the kids.

The qualified nursery teachers only speak Japanese, although kids tend to enjoy playing together regardless of language.

Rusutsu Ski School

There are now kids group ski lessons with a native English speaking instructor for ages 7-14 in either a half day (2.5 hours) or full day (5 hours) format.

For younger kids who are first timers they also offer the option of learning on an indoor slope inside the gymnasium. This gives kids the feeling of sliding down a slope, although the blaring tinky music must be a bit of a distraction! And the instructors only speak Japanese.

Otherwise if you want a lesson with an English speaking instructor for small children, adults, or ages 7-14 for snowboarding, you’ll need to book a private lesson.

Rusutsu Ski Hire and Snowboard Rental

Rusutsu Resort rents out ski and snowboard equipment from Salomon, Atomic and Burton; both standard and high performance equipment including a small range of powder skis. The prices are not inexpensive but the quality of the equipment is reflective of the rates. A large range of rental clothing is also available, and if you need a full set of head to toe gear, the full package is reasonably economical. There are three Rusutsu equipment rental outlets.

For the ladies who want to look special on the slopes, there’s also the option of a visit to Premiere Niege, a ladies outerwear rental shop. The daily rates to rent the snow clothing are rather outrageous, but I guess it pays to stay in fashion!

There are also Niseko ski hire shops that deliver or pick up rental equipment at Rusutsu. These provide a much wider range of choice including specialty backcountry items.

Eating On Mountain

No matter where you’re skiing or boarding at Rusutsu, lunch or snacks are never far away.

Powder hounds hanging out on Mt Isola can head to the Cafeteria Steamboat which is located at the base of the Isola #1 quad chair. It’s a cafeteria in the truest sense so it’s a bit sterile, but it offers a great range of inexpensive Japanese meals. It is also handy for that mid-morning cup of hot chocolate or coffee.

There is also the Isola 2000 Cafeteria at the base of the Isola Gondola as well as a large cafeteria at the base of East Mountain, whilst those hanging out on West Mountain have a raft of choices for food at the Rusutsu Resort Hotel.

Banking Facilities

There is a Seven Bank ATM located within the Rusutsu Resort Hotel under the stairs to the game world (between the carousel) that accepts cash and credit cards. There is also an ATM in the 7-Eleven store.

ATMs in Japan can sometimes be fickle and even if the machine says it accepts Cirrus, sometimes it just doesn't. If you want to be super safe, take cash with you. And remember that Japan is a cash society and some restaurants don't accept plastic fantastic.