Niseko Rentals, Lessons & Other Services

Niseko Rentals, Lessons & Other Services

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Niseko Ski Hire & Snowboard Rentals

There are various Niseko ski hire shops located near the slopes that can provide you with all your snow equipment rental requirements, including those all important fat skis and powder snowboards for the deep powder. The quality of the Niseko rental equipment is generally very high.

Another huge plus is that some of the Niseko ski hire shops will do in-hotel fittings or transport you to their shop. For example, Niseko Wow rent out Tenko ski and snowboard sets for ladies, men, and kids, and can provide a delivery and fitting service for those staying in Hirafu. 

Whilst there are a good number of Niseko ski rental shops, it always pays to pre-book your rental equipment especially if you want performance gear.

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Niseko Ski School - For Adults & Teens

There are several choices for ski and snowboard schools, with at least one Niseko ski school program on offer at each of the four Niseko ski areas.

Group lessons may have only one or two meeting points, and if you’re staying in Annupuri, there are there are no group lessons in English from Annupuri.

Gondola Snowsports (Go Snow) have meeting points for adult and teen group lessons at both the Hirafu Gondola base area and the Ace Family chair lift in Hirafu. As the official Hirafu ski school, you'll receive lift priority access at Hirafu, so you won't need to wait in lift lines.

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NISS (Niseko International Snowsports School) has the meeting point for group lessons at Hanazono. As the official Hanazono ski school, you'll receive priority lift access at the Hanazono ski resort.

For private lessons, most Niseko ski schools have a pickup service or have several meeting points so you don't need to worry too much about where the ski school is based. Whiteroom offers private lessons and for your all-day lesson your instructor will pick you up from your accommodation and drop you off at the end of the day. There is also the option for your instructor to drive you to nearby ski resorts so you can work on your piste or powder technique on different terrain.

GoSnow offer private lessons, including a first tracks private lesson where you get priority access to be first up the Hirafu gondola to get the best snow. Private lessons are also good if you want a combination of powder guiding and want a few tips to improve your powder technique.

Niseko WOW offers private lessons with meeting points in Hirafu. The lessons are in a half day or full day format, and it's also possible to have a private lesson with guiding at nearby ski resorts such as Kiroro, Rusutsu and Moiwa (private transport included).

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Niseko Ski School - For Kids

If you’re looking for group lessons for the kids, a major factor may be where your lodging is located. Shuttles to Hanazono are readily available from Hirafu, or you may like to choose the ski school closer to the ski area base near your accommodation. If you have the budget for private lessons, there can be more flexibility in the meeting point.

Niseko Kids Ski School/Snowboard Lessons in English
  Lesson Type  Meeting point  2-3 
 NISS  Private ski  Hanazono 1st lesson  no  yes  yes  yes
   Private snowboard  Hanazono 1st lesson  no  yes  yes  yes
   Group ski  Hanazono  no  yes yes  yes
   Group snowboard  Hanazono  no  no  no  yes
 GoSnow  Private ski  Hirafu gondola or Family base   yes  yes  yes yes 
   Private snowboard  Hirafu gondola or Family base  yes  yes  yes  yes
   Group ski  Hirafu gondola  no  yes  yes  yes
   Group snowboard  Hirafu gondola  no  no  no  yes
 NBS  Private ski  Hirafu Family  yes  yes  yes  yes
   Private snowboard  Hirafu Family  yes  yes  yes  yes
   Group ski  Hirafu Family  TBD  TBD  TBD TBD 
   Group snowboard  Hirafu Family  TBD  TBD  TBD  TBD
 NVSS  Private ski  Niseko Village  no  no  6+  yes
   Private snowboard  Niseko Village  no no   no  yes
   Group ski  Niseko Village  no  no  6+  yes
   Group snowboard  Niseko Village  no  no  no  yes
 NASS  Private ski  Annupuri  no  no  6+  yes
   Private snowboard  Annupuri  no  no  6+  yes 
   Group ski  Annupuri  no  no  no  no
   Group snowboard  Annupuri  no  no  no  no

NISS = Niseko International Snowsports School
GoSnow = Gondola Snowsports
NBS = Niseko Base Snowsports
NVSS = Niseko Village Snow School
NASS = Niseko Annupuri Ski and Snowboarding School

Gondola Snowsports
Gondola Snowsports (GoSnow) offer group ski and snowboard lessons for kids (7 and up) and adults, and group ski lessons for kids ages 3-6. Lessons can be either for a half day or full day. Meeting points for lessons are at the Hirafu Gondola area near the Ki Niseko hotel.

Niseko Village Snowsports School

Niseko Kids provides private and group ski lessons and snowboard lessons for children. The meeting point is next to the Hilton Hotel Niseko Village in Niseko Village.

NBS Kids Club
NBS provides private and group ski lessons (and group snowboard lessons) and equipment rentals for kids. Group lessons are held for the full day (including lunch) or just the morning. NBS is located at the base of the Ace Family Lift in the Alpen Ridge building next to the Vale Hotel.

NISS (Niseko International Snowsports School) provide group ski & snowboard lessons for kids (as well as adults). The kids' group lessons are conducted over at Hanazono but there are lots of shuttle buses from Hirafu to get across to Hanazono. Priority lift line access is provided for the Hanazono lifts.

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Niseko Child Care

Niseko is well set up for children including a few options for childcare.

Mobile Child Care & Babysitting Niseko

There are providers of child care services where the carers come to your accommodation day and/or night to mind your children. An example is Niseko Kids Club Babysitting who provide in-accommodation babysitting services with English speaking staff for children of all ages – from newborns to adolescents. They also provide equipment rentals such as high chairs, cribs, portacots, toys and strollers.  

Niseko Kids, Niseko Village

Niseko Kids provides child minding for the little ones ages 1 to 6, for a half day or full day. For children ages 3-5 there’s also the option to include a one hour private ski lesson. Niseko Kids is located next to the Hilton Hotel Niseko Village (Niseko Village).

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Niseko On-Mountain Eating

Niseko has plenty of on-mountain restaurants with many of these located at the main base areas, or there are mid-mountain facilities such as Rest House Ace Hill (with the famous thermometer commonly used as a meeting place), and the King Bell Hut in Grand Hirafu. Annupuri also have a few large slopeside eateries. Most of the restaurants have cafeteria “fast-food” that is very reasonably priced. Fare includes traditional Hokkaido dishes such as ramen, pork buns, donburi, tonkatsu and other curries.

A favourite amongst the gaijin is Edge at the base of the Hanazono area. The food is more expensive than elsewhere and the servings very meagre. This restaurant can be really busy so try to avoid the peak lunch hour if you can.

Niseko ATMs

Niseko is less of a cash society than it used to be, but there are still some restaurants and bars around that only accept cash. Thankfully credit cards are accepted for ski and snowboard rentals, most activities, and lift ticket purchases.

You will need to budget a little prior to visiting Niseko because ATMs that accept international cards still rather scarce in number. In Hirafu there’s an ATM at the Chatrium and the convenience stores (Lawson, Seicomart, 7-Eleven). In the town of Kutchan there are a few 7-Elevens and post offices with ATMs. There is an ATM at the Hilton Hotel in Niseko Village or you can head down to Niseko town to the 7-Eleven or post office.