Food & Nightlife

Food & Nightlife

Small as the Sundance village is, its bar and restaurants punch well above their weight. The food is nothing short of sensational!

Sundance Resort Restaurants

People travel a long way just to eat at Sundance Resort, so you can expect the finest at its two restaurants, the Foundry Grill and the Tree Room.

The Tree Room offers a more refined gourmet dining experience than the Foundry Grill, but you will not be disappointed at either. Superb service and food within an exquisite setting are the keys to the Tree Room’s success. Highlights include the elk and buffalo mains.

In the Foundry Grill, the atmosphere is a touch more relaxed, as are the prices, but the quality of service and food doesn’t wane. Whilst the appetizers and mains are delicious, the stand outs are the desserts. The apple pie (yep the humble old’ apple pie) is to die for. The Grill also does a great breakfast and lunch as well.

If formal dining isn’t for you, the food at the Owl Bar is top notch (it comes from the same kitchen as the main restaurants). You can get the same rotisserie chicken or pork, steak, trout and burgers for mains as the Foundry Grill, plus a selection of bar snack favourites and desserts.

Sundance Bars & Nightlife

Only one bar graces the village at Sundance – The Owl bar. The actual bar was allegedly made in the 1890s and was moved to Sundance from Wyoming. It is said that Butch Cassidy and his merry band of thieves imbibed a few shots of the local rotgut back in the day at the very same bar. No rotgut today. The bar now serves a fine array of local microbrews/craft beers, wine and, shooters, and spirits in a charming old west setting.

Nightlife consists of eating wonderful food, quaffing sensational brews and wine, and maybe a bit of boogie from the band playing at the Owl Bar. Don’t expect an all night dance party; thankfully that’s just not Sundance’s style. Immersing yourself in the Sundance culture should be enough to satiate even the most hardened party goer.