Heavenly Restaurants & Bars


Heavenly Restaurants & Bars

Heavenly at South Lake Tahoe has no shortage of nightlife and a good selection of restaurants.

On the California side of the border there is a good variety of bars & pubs along with cafes, restaurants & takeaway venues. On the Nevada side there are some whopping big casino venues offering the opportunity to party all-night-long.

Pubs & Bars

South Lake Tahoe is big on live music and entertainment so you won't have to go far any night of the week to find some great entertainment at the local pubs & bars.

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If nightclubs are your thing, there are several to choose from located inside the casinos.

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On the Nevada side of the border there are 4 moderate to large casinos (although small compared to those in Vegas). All of the casinos have various bars, restaurants, nightclubs and of course gambling areas.

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Restaurants are scattered around the South Lake Tahoe area in the various shopping centers however the main hub is at the base of the Heavenly Gondola in the Heavenly Village. Across the border on the Nevada side you will be spoilt for choice in the casinos, and based on our experience eating and drinking is the casinos is way cheaper than on the California side.

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