Chile Ski Resorts 

Chile Ski Resorts 

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Where To Ski in Chile

Can’t decide where to ski in Chile or go snowboarding in Chile? In deciding which Chile ski resorts or backcountry spot to go to for your next snow trip, everyone has different factors that are important. To aid in your decision making:
  • Check out our Chile ski resort ratings which have categories such as: ski and snowboard terrain for different abilities; snow; lifts; family-friendliness; nightlife; and the likelihood of finding “freshies”.
  • See the “best skiing in Chile” page to see which are the most highly rated Chile ski resorts by Powderhounds’ readers.
  • See the table below for a list of major ski resorts in Chile and mechanized backcountry operators for a description of location and whether each ski area is a destination resort or just suited to a day trip, and which are close to other areas to combine on a road trip or guided Chile ski/snowboard tour.
  • See the map of the Chile ski resorts above. 
  • See the Chile ski resorts statistics below.

Major Ski Resorts in Chile

One part of your decision making about where to ski in Chile may be related to whether a ski resort is worthy of a week long vacation, and how easy it is to combine with other areas to give you adequate terrain variety for skiing or snowboarding in Chile. 

 Where to Ski in Chile / Chile Ski Resorts
   Type*   Location   Nearby Town  Near Other Major Ski Resorts? Tours
Go There?
 Antillanca   Minor  Near Osorno  No  Cerro Bayo  No
 Corralco  Minor  Near Temuco  Malalcahuello  Pillan  Yes
 El Colorado  Major  Near Santiago  Farellones  Valle Nevado, La Parva  Yes
 La Parva  Major  Near Santiago  Farellones  Valle Nevado, El Colorado  Yes
 Nevados de Chillan  Major  Near Chillan  Las Trancas  No  Yes
 Pillan  Day trip  Near Temuco  Pucon  Corralco  Yes
 Portillo   Major  East of Los Andes  No  Los Penitentes, Arpa  Yes
 Valle Nevado  Major  Near Santiago  Farellones  La Parva, El Colorado  Yes
 Arpa  Cat skiing  Near Los Andes  No  Portillo  Yes
 Dos Tiempos  Sled skiing  Near Santiago  Lo Valdes  No  Package
Types of Chile ski resorts:
  • Major destination resort – you could stay here for a week. It is typically a large ski area with lots of amenities.
  • Minor destination resort – this is a moderately sized resort where you could stay for a few days. Your trip may combine it with another minor or major destination resort.
  • Day trip – no on-mountain lodging so you’ll need to stay in a town nearby

Chile Ski Resorts Stats

 Chile Snow Resort Statistics
Snow Per
Season (m)
(- S)
 Base Elevation
 Top Elevation
 Portillo 5.1  32.84  2,548  3,310 
 La Parva  7  33.34 2,670  3,630 
 Valle Nevado  7  33.35 2,860  3,670
 El Colorado 5 33.35  2,430   3,460
 Lagunillas 33.61  2,130   2,480
 Chapa Verde  * 34.05  2,370   3,100
 Nevados de Chillan 10.1  36.84  1,500 2,400 
 Corralco  9  38.41 1,440  2,400 
 Las Araucarias  * 38.49  1,550 1,950 
 Pillan 10.2  39.27  1,410  2,100 
 Antillanca 40.77  1,070  1,534 
* information not available

 Chile Ski Resorts - Terrain Statistics
   Hectares   Vertical (m)   Trails  Lifts
 Portillo 500 762   35 14 
 La Parva 400  960  30  14
 Valle Nevado  901  810  30 14 
 El Colorado 524 1,030  113   19
 Lagunillas 202 350  13 
 Chapa Verde 1200 730   20 4
 Nevados de Chillan 500 900   20 13 
 Corralco 1800 960  29 
 Las Araucarias 350 400  10 
 Pillan *  690 22 
 Antillanca 400  464 28 
* information not available