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Santiago Hotels

Santiago Lodging

There is an abundance of Santiago hotels and other accommodations. The city has an enormous range of accommodation options that vary from upmarket luxury hotels to budget hostels. As a general rule, accommodation is reasonably inexpensive, especially when compared to some of the tariffs that are applied at the ski resorts near Santiago. 

Barrios of Santiago de Chile

The first decision regarding accommodation will be to choose which Santiago neighborhood to stay in. Each barrio has lots of accommodations that vary in budget from extremely cheap to luxury (however overall, Santiago hotels represent great value).


This is the oldest part of Santiago. There’s plenty of buzz in this district and it has the most tourist attractions, most of which can be explored on foot.

We have stayed at the Hotel Plaza San Francisco. It’s located very close to tourist attractions such as Cerro Santa Lucia, the Opera House, the Government Palace, and the Museum of Fine Arts. Hotel Plaza San Francisco has lots of facilities including a pool, gymnasium and day spa. 

The hotel has a range of room configurations and all rooms are large and beautifully decked out. The bathrooms are somewhat dated but they are more than adequate. This hotel is a great choice for your first couple of nights in Chile, particularly if your Spanish language skills aren’t strong. There are various staff at reception and in the restaurant and bar that speak fluent English.  

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Las Condes

Las Condes is an upscale neighbourhood east of the central city. Av Las Condes feeds into the road that winds up to the Tres Valles ski fields. From Las Condes it’s only 27km up to Farellones so Las Condes is a good place to stay if you’re using Santiago as a base to ski at El Colorado, Valle Nevado or La Parva. This district houses many ski shops that provide transportation up to the ski resorts.

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Barrio Lastarria & Barrio Bella Artes

Barrio Lastarria and Barrio Bella Artes are east of Centro. These neighbourhoods are sort of dinky and fashionable all at the same time, with lots of arty bars and funky shops. 

Barrio Bellavista

Barrio Bellavista is north of the Centro and is delightfully sleepy during the day, particularly in its residential streets. It’s most renowned for its amazing nightlife with great options for the 3Ds - dining, drinking and dancing. From Barrio Bellavista it’s very easy to access Cerro San Cristobal, the best spot to appreciate views of the city. This is of course dependent on the smog levels – perhaps go there after it has rained!

Barrio Brasil

Barrio Brasil is west of the Centro. This neighbourhood is somewhat dubious after dark, yet it is incredibly popular with foreigners, which adds to the eclectic charm. Barrio Brasil has lots of à la mode hostels.

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