Portillo Shopping


Portillo Shopping

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Shopping at Portillo

Hotel Portillo has a shop with lots of Portillo souvenirs, a small range of ski gear, and some basic sundries.

Portillo Ski Shop

The Portillo shop sells a range of inner wear and mid-layers including quality thermals and polar fleeces. They also sell a moderate range of ski and snowboard accessories such as socks, helmets, goggles and beanies.

The shop also sells a small range of outerwear such as ski jackets, shell jackets and ski pants. The quality and prices range from basic up to very fancy high end ski clothing.

Hardwear is limited to only a few pairs of skis and various snowboard boots.

Prices for ski equipment, clothing and accessories are somewhat expensive relative to North America.

Souvenir Shopping at Portillo

The shop sells an array of clothing souvenirs so you can boast about your visit to Portillo Chile. They have caps, adult t-shirts galore, and lots of hoodies. There are also lots of kids clothing souvenirs including cute tees and hoodies.

Lots of other Portillo souvenirs are available such as mouse pads, mugs, baby bibs, handicrafts and jewellery pieces. They also sell St Bernard dog soft-toys, the mascot of Portillo. The real St Bernard dogs are commonly found dozing out in the sun near the hotel, and sometimes they even hang out in the discotheque. Party dogs!

General Shopping

The shop has a little bit of general clothing for sale, and considering that the hotel is often so hot inside, you might need to purchase a t-shirt if you haven’t packed one. They also sell a few pairs of walking and fashion boots.

A few toiletries and sundries are sold in the shop. Thankfully they sell sunscreen as this is definitely required for the oft sunny Portillo conditions. And in case the hang-over from excess pisco sours is getting to you, they sell paracetamol.

Food groceries or alcohol shopping is not available at Portillo.

And don’t forget to charge any goods to your room to avoid the tax.