Getting to Argentina

Getting to Argentina

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Travel to the Argentina Ski Resorts Getting to the Argentina ski resorts can be a little challenging due to their geographic remoteness from major international airports such as Buenos Aires in Argentina and Santiago in Chile.

Getting to Las Lenas
Las Lenas (latitude 35 degrees) is located 1,200km due west of Buenos Aires. It is possibly the most difficult to get to as travel options tend to be limited to certain days of the week. The schedules generally cater for the locals in Buenos Aires travelling to and from Las Lenas on weekends.

From Buenos Aires the cheapest way to get to Las Lenas is to take an overnight bus which takes about 16 hours (leaves 7pm, gets in at about 11am the next day). Alternatively you can fly to either: Malargue Airport (charter flights only which are offered by some hotels as part of a package) with a 45 minute transfer at the other end; San Rafael Airport (3 flights per week) with a 2 hour road transfer; or Mendoza Airport and then bus / drive for 6 hours to Las Lenas.

Some international flights to Argentina first land in Santiago in Chile so rather than flying from Santiago to Buenos Aires and back again, it may be cheaper and less time consuming to fly into Santiago. Fly from Santiago to Mendoza and then take a bus transfer or hire car to Las Lenas. Another option is to hire a car in Santiago in Chile and drive to Las Lenas over the Andes via Portillo ski resort in Chile, Penitentes ski resort in Argentina, and then via Mendoza. The entire journey takes about 5 hours by road (subject to road conditions over the Andes and border crossings).

Getting to Patagonia Ski Resorts
Access to the Patagonian resorts is generally via Buenos Aires with a direct flight into Bariloche. There are no direct flights from Santiago to Bariloche.

If you are flying into Buenos Aires international airport, be aware that flights to Bariloche leave from the domestic airport (Jorge Newbery Airport) which is an hour away by taxi / bus.

The layover times between flights may be long and often require an overnight stop-over in one of the hotels in Buenos Aires (which is a great place to check out).