Food & Nightlife

Food & Nightlife

Argentina Ski Adventure

Las Lenas Restaurants

Sitting outside at one of the slopeside restaurants on a fine day is one of the highlights of the Las Lenas experience. Soaking in some rays, people watching, and having table service is all very nice!

Innsbruck is a good pick for a reasonably quick and inexpensive lunch such as a burger. UFO is more classy and rather trendy, and some of the meals are divine.

For dinner, many hotel guests have half board packages with exquisite meal packages, so they don’t need to leave the comfort of their hotel.

In addition to the slopeside restaurants, for other guests there are a couple of evening dining options in La Pirámide including a Mexican restaurant and Refugio, a funky restaurant serving up mountain cuisine such as raclette.

Bars & Nightlife

Other highlights of the Las Lenas experience are the après ski festivities and the nightlife.

Once upon a time, Las Lenas was only known for its outrageous nightlife where partygoers would stumble back to their hotel rooms when the lifts started in the morning. In the afternoons, party goers would have a siesta.

Now the discos only go to about 4am (so you should still be able to make first lifts!) and the après ski scene is much more vibrant. Particularly on fine days, lots of people sit on the decks of the slopeside restaurants, sitting in sun whilst sucking on a cerveza or five.

When the weather isn’t conducive to sitting outside, head to Brasero which is usually pumping as people are coming off the hill.

For a quiet sophisticated drink you could head to the bar at Hotel Piscis, where you can lounge in one of the sofas or sit at a table and watch the sunset views over the mountains via the massive windows.

Or you could head to the billiards bar at the base of the plaza.

Later in the evening your best bet is probably UFO Point, where they convert the dining area into a dance floor (some nights only).

Or if you like a spot of gambling, you can head to the casino at Hotel Piscis.