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Price p/p From price based on twin-share dorm room with shared bathroom.
Base/invoice currency is in JPY in taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
Base/invoice currency is in JPY in taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
USD 2,533

10 Days | 9 Nights | 8 Riding | Up to 8 Ski Areas

To be eligible for any advertised specials you must book & pay the required deposit by the last day of the promotion...no exceptions.
10% off advertised price for bookings before 30th May 2022
Location: Japan | Tour Focus: Guided | Terrain Focus: Off-Piste, On-Piste
Ability: Advanced to Expert
Price p/p From price based on twin-share dorm room with shared bathroom.
Base/invoice currency is in JPY in taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
Base/invoice currency is in JPY in taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
USD 2,533
Combine deep untracked powder riding where few foreigners go, with a rich Japanese cultural experience, a traditional hotel and food, & you have the perfect Japanese snowboarding adventure!
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Fixed Date(s)
Fixed Date(s): Dec 19 - Dec 28, 2022
Days: 10
Price: USD 2,533
Availability: Available
Fixed Date(s): Dec 28 - Jan 06, 2023
Days: 10
Price: USD 2,533
Availability: Available
Fixed Date(s): Jan 06 - Jan 15, 2023
Days: 10
Price: USD 2,533
Availability: Available
Fixed Date(s): Jan 15 - Jan 24, 2023
Days: 10
Price: USD 2,533
Availability: Available
Fixed Date(s): Jan 24 - Feb 02, 2023
Days: 10
Price: USD 2,533
Availability: Available
Fixed Date(s): Feb 02 - Feb 11, 2023
Days: 10
Price: USD 2,533
Availability: Available
Fixed Date(s): Feb 11 - Feb 20, 2023
Days: 10
Price: USD 2,533
Availability: Available
Fixed Date(s): Feb 20 - Mar 01, 2023
Days: 10
Price: USD 2,533
Availability: Available
Fixed Date(s): Mar 01 - Mar 10, 2023
Days: 10
Price: USD 2,533
Availability: Available
Fixed Date(s): Mar 10 - Mar 19, 2023
Days: 10
Price: USD 2,533
Availability: Available
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Future rates & dates are currently not yet available for this operator. Click here to enquire.

Nagano Snowboarders Buffet (Snowboarders Only)

The Nagano Snowboarders Buffet Tour will satisfy your appetite for the best skiing that Nagano has on offer. Your guide will show you multiple ski resorts around the Nagano area where you'll chase the powder.

Your Japanese snowboard adventure is not complete without being immersed in a culture that has to be experienced to be appreciated. Visit the world famous snow monkeys up close, be entertained by a traditional Geisha performance, be entertained by the Taiko Drum, Shamisen guitar and lion dance, participate in a Karate performance, spend an optional recovery or bad weather day exploring one of Japan’s oldest castles and temple in Matsumoto and Nagano. Also soak in the rejuvenating onsens, taste the local sake and beer recipes and visit historic Shibu Onsen. Where other companies may place the cultural experience in Japan as an option, JPCTs include them so you get to experience the real Japan, and the list doesn't include some of the hidden gems. 

Solo Travelers

Whether you are a solo traveler, a couple or small group, you can join in on a fixed-date tour. Each date only has a maximum of 6 spots and they sell out quickly so don't delay in securing your spot(s). From March 19 to April 30, only private group options (min 4, max 6) are available subject to guide availability.

Japan's highest & largest ski area...

...incredible Japanese cuisine...

.....mind blowing cultural experiences

Rider Ability

These tours cater for advanced & expert snowboarders only. You should be able to ride confidently and with reasonable speed in deep powder and in tight trees.

There are various other tours that are similar to this that vary with respect to duration or ability level. See the JPCT overview for a summary of the tours.

Advanced & expert skiers should check out the Nagano Ski Buffet.

Intermediate snowboarders: If you are an intermediate snowboarder who wants to have a taste of powder and improve your technique at the same time, the Nagano Snowboard Progression Tour  (which is exactly the same tour as the Nagano Buffet but with more emphasis on tuition) would be the tour for you.

Visit the snow monkey onsen....

...indulge in Japanese sake...

.....karaoke the night away

Mixed Groups

If you have a mixed group of boarders & skiers, you can book any of the available tour dates (as your own private group), however your group will need to be 4 - 6 in size for the tour to run (and if you have only 4 in the group you will be charged a premium). Please enquire to get an exact price for your group size.

Resorts/Ski Areas Visited

This tour has the ability to visit many different resorts in the Nagano prefecture. The resorts visited are dictated by the conditions on any given day and each area has its own individual micro climate, so don’t be surprised if you visit the same resort a number of times. The resorts include: Yakebitaiyama, Ichinose, Giant, Yokoteyama and Kumanoyu (all part Asia’s largest ski resort Shiga Kogen), Nozawa Onsen, Myoko SuginoharaMadarao, Tangram & Togakushi.

Drive times to these resorts vary from 25 minutes to 50 minutes in good road conditions.

Partake in Japanese culture....

...the kids will love it...

.....visit an ancient Samurai castle


This itinerary is a guide as the tour will ultimately be dictated by the weather each day; your guide will fit around where the best conditions are. This is a powder tour so a powder board or all mountain board is recommended to get the best out of your time. A full equipment checklist can be provided upon request. Your guide is there to teach skills on how to better ride the powder, and at the same time show you lines you may not have discovered on your own.

Day 1
Make your way to Yudanaka (home of the snow monkeys) on either the amazing rail system or a shuttle from Narita or Haneda airport. Get picked up at the station at Yudanaka and taken to your lodging at Ryokan Biyu, or it's a short walk for those staying at Lodge Aibiya (further information on how to get to Yudanaka is contained in the pre trip instructions). The area has a history of over 1,300 years as a hot spring resort and more recently was put on the map due to the 1998 Nagano Olympic Winter Games. You are treated like a rock star at the Ryokan with exceptional service, immaculate surroundings and food to die for. For guests at the ryokan, your first nights meal is at the ryokan which is an experience in itself. Bring your camera. For those staying at Lodge Aibiya, enjoy the many eateries around Yudanaka.

Day 2
Made up of 18 resorts, Shiga Kogen is the largest ski area in Asia with the highest lift access in Japan (so the snow is drier). Because Shiga is so large and elevated, fresh lines can be found days after a snowfall. And because relatively few westerners have discovered this area the queues are almost non-existent and another bonus is that very few Japanese ski off-piste. After skiing, why not try an onsen to sooth any aches and pains followed by a local beer or wine from the lounge bar. Tonight, we will travel into the town of Nakano to enjoy a meal at Kappa Sushi Train followed by the new signature event of a karaoke evening.

Day 3
Madarao (Madapow) is another of the Japanese ski fields that does not attract the hoards of gaijins (foreigners). This field seems to have its own micro climate and when it snows here it can be very light and deep. If you are looking for a change from the Japanese fare there is a restaurant on the mountain that makes the best burgers and pizzas. Tonight you will enjoy a meal at one of the many traditional Japanese restaurants in Yudanaka.

Day 4
After breakfast we will travel to Nozawa Onsen for some more action on the snow. Considered by some as the birthplace of skiing in Japan, its 300 hectares of terrain and 50km of slopes will not disappoint. If time permits at the end of the day we will take a walk through Nozawa Onsen township and enjoy the many shops and eating treats. For those at Ryokan Biyu, while eating a dinner you will be entertained by a traditional Geisha performance, being joined by those staying at Lodge Aibiya.

Day 5
This is one of those days where you get to choose. For those that want to stay on the snow we will visit the resort of Togakushi. You will enjoy a totally western free resort with a wide range of runs with an awesome view of the Japanese Alps. If the entire group collectively decides to take a break due to poor conditions, we have a backup plan. After breakfast we will visit Matsumoto Castle which is the oldest heritage 5 storey, 6 layer castle tower in Japan. Get a photo with the Samurai, Ninja and Geisha who frequent the castle garden area. Roam around Nakamachi-dori street and Nawate-dori street to soak up the old time Matsumoto atmosphere. No visit to Nagano is complete without visiting the Zenkoji Temple with over 1400 years of history. Unique in the fact that the city of Nagano was built around the temple thus known as a temple city and that it houses the oldest Buddhist image in Japan. You can walk through the pitch-black corridors under the main hall and tradition has it that if you touch the key below the principle image, your entry into paradise is secured (apparently they have lots of powder snow there). If time permits we will also visit the Winter Olympic Museum and speed skating rink. Dining out comprises of one of the many fine restaurants in Yudanaka.

Day 6
Time to ride once again. Myoko Suginohara is the pick of the Myoko ski resorts, with nice long groomers (they boast the longest run in Japan at 8.5km), some nice tree skiing and super enjoyable sidecountry. For your night’s entertainment participate in a Karate performance and teaching session from one of Japan’s Grand Masters followed by a taiko drum, shamisen guitar and lion dance performance at the Ryokan Biyu.

Visit historic Shibu Onsen....

..Zenkoji Temple Nagano..

.....Yudanaka is central home base

Day 7
After breakfast we will further explore Shiga Kogen. The great thing about the 19 connecting resorts at Shiga is that we may ski one area for the morning then after lunch relocate to another part of the mountain for more powder action. Your pass gives you access to the whole of Shiga and your guide knows where those private stashes are located. If time allows we will visit the local sake museum and taste up to 10 different sakes that are made on site. Enjoy another meal in the township of Yudanaka.

Day 8
Because Madarao is just that good we will check it out again but also include the adjoining resort of Tangram. After a big day at Madarao/Tangram many guests require a “roadie” from the Lawson store at the bottom of the mountain to celebrate their epic day. After dinner in Yudanaka we will be heading to Mt Yokoteyama (Japan’s highest lift access 2307m) and boarding a pistenbully snow cat to drive to the peak to enjoy the snow monster trees followed by a hot drink and some homemade baking.

Day 9
Finish your last day on the snow as a powder day. Using the many resorts we have already skied we will choose the one with the best snow and go there. After dinner enjoy your last night socialising and re-living your adventure with your new found friends and the guides at the Ryokan Biyu lounge bar which overlooks the township of Yudanaka.

Day 10
It is time to bid farewell to our fabulous hosts at the Ryokan Biyu and Lodge Aibiya. No visit is complete to Yudanaka without some interaction with the famous “snow monkeys”. This is the only place in the world you can see the snow monkeys soaking in natural hot pools up close and personal.

Oh and don't forget to write a review of your tour on Powderhounds.com.

NB The evening performances of the Geisha, Taiko Drum and Karate demonstrations may vary on which night they fall on the 10 day tour due to overlap in bookings.

Accommodation Options & Meals

This tour is based in the township of Yudanaka located near the Shiga Kogen ski areas. It is ideally located for visiting many of Nagano's great ski areas.

The area is well known for its onsens (hot springs) and it is said that over 1300 years ago a monk who visited the area discovered the healing quality of the water and the popularity of the region grew so much that the Samurai would come to repair their bodies in the rejuvenating waters.

The other attraction to the area is the world renowned snow monkeys who have learnt to keep themselves warm in the natural onsen water. Although the town is visited by foreigners to visit the snow monkeys you will find the town relatively free of westerners when you eat out in the evenings as many just come on day journeys. There is a wide array of traditional eating houses in Yudanaka which serve fresh local and regional produce. In the past few years the restaurant scene has expanded to include a number of new eateries which have a mix of Japanese and Western food to suit every palette. A walk through historic Shibu town is also a must with its quaint shops, temples, shrines, foot onsens and authentic architecture.

Indulge in Japanese cuisine...

...check out the local Sushi Train...

...fun social group meals

There are 2 accommodation options; Ryokan Biyu no Yado (deluxe Japanese hotel) and Lodge Aibiya.

Deluxe Option - Ryokan Biyo no Yado

Ryokan Biyu no Yado is a 3.5 star Ryokan (Japanese inn).

Rooms all come with private ensuite/bathroom and are Japanese-style with woven tatami floors and futon beds. All rooms have a flat screen TV, small fridge & kettle. Your room also has a traditional Japanese yukata which is not mandatory to wear at this ryokan, although it is definitely comfortable attire after a day on the slopes.

The Ryokan also has some western rooms which are double the size of the Japanese rooms and are available as an up-grade for an additional cost.

There is a spectacular an indoor Japanese bathhouse (onsen) and outdoor hot spring (rotenburo) and there is also a private onsen available for rent for an additional fee.

The 3 night-time meals included in the Tyokan Biyu package are traditional multi-course Japanese cuisine served in the hotel dining area. Breakfast (also included) is either Japanese or Western-style. For the remaining night-time meals you have the choice of many authentic Japanese restaurants in downtown Yudanaka or Nakano, or you can buy additional meals at the Ryokan.

There are massage services available, free wi-fi in the common lounge area, a luxurious lounge bar and common seating area, drinks vending machines, grand piano, large screen TV, karaoke and a souvenir shop.

The Ryokan does not have clothes washing facilities, however there is a public laundry a short walk away.

Deluxe Ryokan Biyu..

...traditional Japanese tatami rooms...

.....outdoor hot springs

Budget Option - Lodge Aibya

Lodge Aibiya is located in Yudanaka township; the perfect place to relax after a day on the slopes. Yoshi and Seongmi provide a high level of Japanese service backed up with western insights gained by working overseas. English speaking with a wealth of knowledge of the Nagano area, Yoshi and Seongmi will look after all your needs.

The Lodge has an option of quad share single western bed dorm rooms for group bookings and twin share rooms with shared bathroom. They have a twin room with double bed which is ideal for couples or for those that want to upgrade to the single supplement and there is the option to upgrade to the deluxe rooms with private bathrooms which can sleep up to four people.

There is a well equipped kitchen for those who would like to cook themselves (supermarket shuttle provided) or you can enjoy the many traditional Japanese restaurants only a short walk away. There are two different types of lounge rooms and a separate cinema room. There are separate male and female shared shower rooms.

A free continental breakfast is provided each day with breads, cereal, fruits, yoghurt, coffee, tea and fruit juices.

Free WI-FI is available throughout the lodge. A gift shop with crafts made locally and beverages, local Shiga Kogen beer and snacks are available for sale. Experience the tradition at a local ryokan onsen for a small fee.

The lodge is only a 3 minute walk from the train station and there are local convenience stores nearby.

There is an in-house laundry service available at an extra cost.

Lodge Abiya..

...comfy western-style beds...

.....shared cooking facilities

Rates, Inclusions & Add-Ons

2022/23 Tour Prices

 Prices are Per Person in Japanese Yen
 Accommodation  Room Type   Price
 Ryokan Biyu (Deluxe)  Twin room private bathroom  399,000  63,000
 Lodge Abiya (Standard)  Single Share Room - shared bathroom (limited availability)  369,000  n/a
 Lodge Abiya (Standard)  Twin share room with shared bathroom  329,000  n/a
 Lodge Abiya (Standard)  Twin room private bathroom  369,000  n/a
 Lodge Abiya (Standard)  Triple/Quad group room  enquire  
  • Please enquire for rates for special triple and quad group options at Lodge Aibiya and VIP suite and western rooms at Ryokan Biyu.
  • In addition to dates listed, private tours between 19th March and 30th April can be arranged and are based around a minimum of 4 people.
  • Extra holiday bed rates apply at Ryokan Biyu for the Dec 28 tour
  • Note that these tours may be a mix of skiers and snowboarders if the minimum of 4 people in each discipline is not reached. Where possible which happens most the time, we will try to have separate skier and snowboarder tours when numbers allow
  • 9 nights quality accommodation (various budget options)
  • Daily breakfasts (& 2 dinners for guests staying at Ryokan Biyu)
  • Free pickup and drop off at Yudanaka station for Ryokan Biyu guests & a short walk from the train station for those staying at Lodge Aibiya
  • 8 full days of guiding/instruction 1:6 guide to guest ratio
  • 8 days of lift passes plus daily mountain transfers
  • Free transport to the signature night of Sushi train followed by a karaoke evening with the locals of Yudanaka (does not include meal and karaoke cost)
  • Transport to the world-famous snow monkey park (Ryokan Biyu has a complimentary drop-off and pickup shuttle and clients of Lodge Aibiya can use the bus from Yudanaka station, admission to monkeys not included in tour cost)
  • Interactive taiko drum, shamisen guitar and lion dance performance
  • Interactive Geisha Performance
  • Karate performance from a Grand Master champion of Japan
  • Option to have a rest day or bad weather day to visit Matsumoto Castle and Nagano to visit the Zenkoji Temple and 1998 Winter Olympic Museum plus some other hidden gems
  • Evening tour in a Pistenbully snow cat to the highest lift access point in Japan 2307metres to see the snow monster trees and includes hot drinks and homemade breads
  • Rejuvenating Onsen visits
  • Walk around 1300 year old historic Shibu town
  • Local sake factory sampling tour
  • Avo safety pack (transponder, shovel & probe) - 2,000 yen/day; requirement for all guests riding off-piste
  • Single supplement at Ryokan Biyu - JPY64,000
  • Western room upgrade at Ryokan Biyu
  • Traditional Thai massage at ¥5000 yen per hour for full body
  • Full ski rental store which includes clothing, helmet, goggles, gloves, ski boots, poles, carving skis & fat skis
  • Extra nights and guiding
Not Included