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Price p/p From price based on per person twin-share room at Omodaka for 2024/25 season.
Base/invoice currency is in JPY in taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
Base/invoice currency is in JPY in taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
USD 3,002

10 Days | 9 Nights | 8 Skiing | Up to 8 Ski Areas

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Location: Japan | Tour Focus: Guided-Progression | Terrain Focus: Off-Piste, On-Piste
Ability: Intermediate to Strong Intermediate
Price p/p From price based on per person twin-share room at Omodaka for 2024/25 season.
Base/invoice currency is in JPY in taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
Base/invoice currency is in JPY in taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
USD 3,002
Learn to ski and ride deep powder with more confidence or improve your on-piste technique whilst checking out some of Nagano's fabulous ski areas away from the masses of foreigners. In addition to the skiing and snowboarding, experience an area rich in culture and history.
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Nagano Ski & Snowboard Progression

Become a powder addict in Nagano this year with a ski and snowboard programme that is focussed on teaching intermediates who wish to become better and more confident at skiing and riding the piste and powder. Much more than the usual snow holiday, the Nagano Ski and Snowboard Progression combines adventure, culture, quality Japanese run accommodation, and personalities to give you the complete Japanese experience. 

Visit the world-famous snow monkeys up close, be entertained by a traditional geisha performance, enjoy the interactive taiko drum, shamisen guitar and lion dance show and participate in a karate performance. The interactive magic and comedy performance hosted by Fred, a 30+ year veteran magician, will work on those laughing belly muscles. You can also soak in the rejuvenating onsens, taste the local sake and beer recipes, and visit historic Shibu Onsen town. There is also a night where the group eats together at a sushi train restaurant followed by an epic night in the karaoke bar. There is also a raft of self-guided cultural days if you need to rest those weary muscles. 

Where other companies may talk up the culture of Japan and include the experiences as an add on option at an extra cost, this tour includes them so you get an authentic Japanese ski and snowboard experience. 

It is important to note that this tour focuses on finding powder where there are few westerners, so if you like skiing powder all day and not having to fight with the masses then this trip is for you. 

If you have any questions, please submit a booking request.

For those who have time constraints visit the Nagano Powder Chaser or the Nagano Powder Zone.

Japan's highest & largest ski area...

...incredible Japanese cuisine...

.....cultural experiences

Solo Travelers

Whether you are a solo traveler, a couple or small group, you can join a fixed-date tour. Each tour date sells out quickly so don't delay in securing a spot. 

Rider Ability

These tours cater for intermediate - skiers and snowboarders. You should be able to link turns together confidently on groomed trails. Please note the Nagano Ski and Snowboard Progression is an intermediate tour so all skiing will be performed in-bounds. However, if your guide believes your skill level is at a stage where off-piste or out of bounds could be tackled, you may be moved to a more advanced group and AVI gear can be rented on a day by day basis.

There are various other tours that are similar to this that vary with respect to duration or ability level, so it works well if you have people of different ability levels in your group. See the JPCT overview for a summary of the tours.

Advanced skiers should check out the Nagano Skiers Buffet. Advanced snowboarders should check out the Nagano Snowboarders Buffet.

Visit the snow monkey onsen....

...indulge in Japanese sake...

.....karaoke the night away

Resorts/Ski Areas Visited (Depending on Conditions)

This tour has the ability to visit many different resorts in the Nagano Prefecture.

The resorts visited are dictated by the conditions on any given day and each area has its own individual micro climate so don’t be surprised if you visit the same resort a number of times. The resorts include: Oku Shiga Kogen, Yakebitaiyama, Ichinose, Giant, Yokoteyama and Kumanoyu (all part Asia’s largest ski resort Shiga Kogen), TogakushiNozawa Onsen, Madarao & Tangram.

Drive times to these resorts vary from 25 minutes to 50 minutes in good road conditions.

Partake in Japanese culture....

...the kids will love it...

.....visit an ancient Samurai castle

Important Information:

This tour is set up for intermediate 4A and 4B skiers and boarders. JPCT cater for singles, couples, families and groups and can mix and match the groups depending on ability from beginner level to advanced so all skill sets are catered for. The three pillars of JPC Tours are safety first, fun second and improvement third, and although safety is a clear winner, importance is placed on fun and improvement as well. The structure of the teaching for the progression tours is the first two days are focussed on the fundamentals of skiing, and correcting habits that will not benefit guests when transitioning to the powder. 

The instruction is not compulsory, however if guests are open to learning new skills and implementing the instruction provided then a higher level of improvement will happen. 

It is understood that some guests are not as concerned about improvement and are more happy to be guided around the mountain to the best snow conditions each day. There are some fundamental issues that need to be resolved for intermediate groups to transition to powder so the instructor guides work on these at the start of the tour on piste and do not just rush straight into the powder without correcting bad form. 

As there is a mix of singles, couples, families and groups it is asked that people come with an open attitude to learn, a sense of humour, and the flexibility to mix with others in a social setting. The philosophy is a WE ism attitude much like the Japanese culture has, and the ME ism attitude and behaviour is not suited to the tours. 

JPCT are very focussed in keeping the flow of each group at a similar level so guides will move skier and snowboard abilities about to achieve this, so it is extremely important you do not overstate your ability, or you may find you are in a group where you will be waiting for others not the other way around.   

These tours have a mix of skiers and snowboarders if the minimum of 4 people in each discipline is not reached.  Where possible there will be separate skier and snowboarder tours when numbers allow based around skier and boarder ability levels. If any of our tour dates do not suit, or you have a group of 4 or more people with varied ability level, please make contact so we can help you achieve your snow experience goals.


This itinerary is a guide, and the guides have the flexibility to adjust activities as situations arise. The tour is dictated by the weather each day and your guide will fit around where the best conditions are to which ski resort the group will head to. The aim is to be flexible and follow the weather to allow all guests' goals to be met.

The set dinners and evening performances of the geisha, taiko drum, karate and magic performances may vary on which night they fall on the 10-day tour.

Day 1

Make your way to Yudanaka (home of the snow monkeys) on either the amazing rail system or a shuttle from Narita or Haneda airport and be picked up at the drop off points. The guides need to know a minimum of one day in advance what time your shuttle arrives and what time you will arrive to the Yudanaka train station so the Ryokan can have a shuttle van to pick you up.

The area has a history of over 1,300 years as a hot spring resort and more recently was put on the map due to the 1998 Nagano Olympic Winter Games. You are treated like a rock star at the Ryokan with exceptional service, immaculate surroundings and food to die for. The hosts will take the group to the sushi train restaurant or one of the many fine eating establishments in Yudanaka.

Day 2

Known as the birthplace of skiing in Japan in 1911, Shiga Kogen is the largest ski area in Asia with the highest lift access in Japan  at 2,307 metres and has 18 interconnecting resorts. Because Shiga is so large and elevated, fresh lines can be found days after a snowfall. And because relatively few westerners have discovered this area the queues are almost non-existent, and another bonus is that very few Japanese ski off-piste.

After skiing and riding, why not try an onsen to sooth any aches and pains followed by a local beer or wine from the lounge bar. Tonight, the group will eat in house so bring your camera and this is followed by an amazing interactive Geisha performance by a second generation Geisha to the area.

Day 3

Madarao (Madapow) is another great ski field.  This field seems to have its own microclimate and when it snows here it can be very magical. On the way home the group will have the option to eat at one of the few Okonomiyaki restaurants in Nagano, which is a specialty from Osaka and Hiroshima.

Day 4

After breakfast you will travel to Nozawa Onsen if the conditions are favourable for some more action on the snow. With its 300 hectares of terrain and 50km of piste, it is the second largest resort on the itinerary next to Shiga Kogen. Nozawa Onsen does get a lot of profile, so it can be much busier than the other resorts you'll go to so the guides try to time the visit when there will not be long lift lines or too many people on the precious powder.

If time permits at the end of the day, you will take a walk through Nozawa Onsen township and enjoy the many shops and eating treats.

After two days on the snow the new muscles you have used are fatigued so you may decide to rest so that you will be strong to finish the rest of the tour in style. You may just decide to chill for the day or there are cultural activities.  

Day 5

After breakfast the group will travel to old faithful and further explore Shiga Kogen.

After you dine out at one of the many outstanding restaurants around Yudanaka there is the magic show from Fred who is a "local foreigner" and has performed magic for 30+years around the world. The performance is something between great magic, fun comedy and silly stuff. The show will make you laugh. The audience participation adds a bit of improvisation that brings a lot of surprise and the show is a truly enjoyable experience!

Day 6

Togakushi ski resort is on the menu today. This area is highly significant to the Japanese as it is the home of towering cedar trees and the Okusha Shrine sits at the base of Mt. Togakushi so some good walking shoes are required for the cultural side stash walk after the skiing.

Dining is at your leisure around Yudanaka with your new ski/snowboard buddies.

Day 7

Shiga Kogen is back on the ski menu and if the conditions are right the group will head to the highest lift elevation in a ski resort in Japan called Yokoteyama. The 360 degree views from the top are the best you will find anywhere in the world looking over the Nagano prefecture, and if it is clear enough you can also view Mt Fuji which is Japan’s highest peak at 3,776 metres.

Another amazing in house dinner and for your final night’s scheduled entertainment you can participate in a karate performance and teaching session from one of Japan’s Grand Masters champions followed by a taiko drum, shamisen guitar and lion dance performance.

Day 8

Because Madarao is just that good, the guides will take you there again but also include the adjoining resort of Tangram if conditions are favourable.

After dinner at one of the many restaurants in Yudanaka, you can lubricate those vocal cords for the signature karaoke night.

Day 9

Finish your last day on the snow as a powder day yet again if the Snow God has been kind. Using the many resorts already skied the guides will choose the one with the best snow and go there.

Day 10

It is time to bid farewell to your fabulous hosts at your accommodation.

No visit is complete to Yudanaka without some interaction with the famous “Snow Monkeys”. This is the only place in the world you can see the snow monkeys soaking in natural hot pools up close. The ryokans have a service to drop you at the start of the snow monkey trail EARLY so that you can have the park to yourself before the tourist masses arrive

Self-Guided Cultural Excursions

Here are a number of options for those that either have a scheduled rest day or for those that have ascertained they need to rest to lower the probability of injury.  We have a very rich cultural area with so many options that will give you that truly authentic Japanese ski experience that we at JPC Tours know are unique to this area and in our opinion cannot be replicated at any other ski resorts around Japan.  Maps and train schedules are all provided for these cool adventures.  Please Note: these are all achievable daily excursions; however you can chop and change them to suit how much time you would like to stay at each venue.

Option 1 (Snow Monkey – Shibu Onsen – Obuse Town)

8.30am leave from Biyu to snow monkey park on complimentary shuttle.  Walk to park through national forest.  Stop at Enza café at the start of the track after viewing monkeys for a hot drink and snack.  Walk to the Sake Museum then down through Shibu Onsen town (this area is over 1300 years old and is where the Samurai used to bath to rejuvenate and where the famous Japanese movie “Spirited Away” was based) then to the worlds tallest bronze Buddhist statue. Take the 12.31pm train to Obuse that arrives at 12.53 and a short walk to Obuse Town.  Visit the Hokusai Museum and explore this wonderful little town. Take the 17.11 train to arrive back at Yudanaka train station at 17.33.

Option 2 (Snow Monkey – Obuse Town – Zenkoji Temple in Nagano) 

8.30 leave from Biyu to snow monkey park on complimentary shuttle.  Walk to park through national forest.  Stop at Enza café at the start of the track after viewing monkeys for a hot drink and snack.  Pickup at 10.20 from start of monkey park to be transported to train station to take the 10.50 train to Obuse that arrives 11.12 for a short walk to Obuse Town.  Visit the Hokusai Museum and explore this wonderful little town and have lunch at the many quality restaurants. Take the local 13.55 train from Obuse to arrive at Nagano 14.30.  Exit the train and make way your way to ground level on the west exit of station.  Take the Zenkoji bus to the temple.  Nagano is the only temple city in Japan which means the temple was built first and the city afterwards.  Purchase a ticket in the temple to do the underground chamber tour under the temple to find the gate to eternity and make sure you look in the large mirror when you exit to be born again.  Take the walk from the Zenkoji Temple to the train station (Many cool shops and restaurants along the way) and either travel back to Yudanaka on the 18.00 express train or dine in Nagano and take the 19.40 express train.  

Option 3 (Obuse Town - Zenkoji Temple and Olympic Museum in Nagano) 

Take the 8.39 train from Yudanaka to arrive at Obuse at 9.14 for a short walk to Obuse Town.  Visit the Hokusai Museum and explore this wonderful little town.  Take the 11.12 or 11.56 express train from Obuse to arrive at Nagano either 11.36 or 12.30.  Exit the Yudanaka express train and make way to ground level on the west exit of station.  Time for lunch either at the Midori train complex or at the many street restaurants close to train station.  Take the Zenkoji bus to the temple from the west exit.  Nagano is the only temple city in Japan which means the temple was built first and the city afterwards.  Purchase a ticket in the temple to do the underground chamber tour under the temple to find the gate to eternity and also the ticket for the Zenkoji Museum which is behind the Zenkoji Temple.  Take the walk from the Zenkoji Temple to the train station (many cool shops and restaurants along the way).  Another great place to visit is the M-Wave which is where the Olympic Museum is and the long course speed skating facility which is still in operation.  An amazing building with the largest wood suspended ceiling in the world.  Would need to get a taxi from train station to this venue.  Option to take the 18.00 express train back to Yudanaka or stay for dinner in Nagano and get the 19.40 train from Nagano which arrives in Yudanaka at 20.29.    

Accommodation Options & Meals

This tour is based in the township of Yudanaka located near the Shiga Kogen ski areas and sits at 600 metres above sea level. Due to its proximity it is ideally located for visiting many of Nagano's great ski areas.

The area is well known for its onsen (hot springs) and it is said that over 1300 years ago a monk who visited the area discovered the healing quality of the water and the popularity of the region grew so much that the Samurai would come to repair their bodies in the rejuvenating waters.

The other attraction to the area is the world renowned snow monkeys who have learnt to keep themselves warm in the natural onsen water. Although the town is visited by foreigners to visit the snow monkeys you will find the town relatively free of westerners when you eat out in the evenings as many just come on day journeys. There is a wide array of traditional eating houses in Yudanaka which serve fresh local and regional produce. In the past few years the restaurant scene has expanded to include a number of new eateries which have a mix of Japanese and Western food to suit every palette. A walk through historic Shibu town is also a must with its quaint shops, temples, shrines, foot onsens and authentic architecture.

Indulge in Japanese cuisine...

...check out the local Sushi Train...

...fun social group meals

Ryokan Yumoto (Deluxe)

Ryokan Yumoto is one of the oldest Ryokans in the area at over 300 years and it has just passed down to the 13th generation of family ownership. Dating back to the Edo period, the area of Yudanaka has a history of over 1300 years and is where the Samurai came to bathe after their battles and the pilgrims, artists and priests would visit on their way to Nagano.

All the guests fall in love with Yasuyo your host instantly, and her lovely presence puts that icing on the cake for your tour.

The property oozes charm and although not luxuriously built using precious woods, the pure Japanese-style guest rooms are spacious, and from the windows you can see the garden next to the hot springs.

Yumoto has a total of 5 rooms. The Japanese-Western rooms have 2 beds plus 8 tatami mats. The Japanese rooms have 4.5 tatami plus 10 tatami. The larger family Japanese room has 6 tatami plus 12 tatami. Each room has a toilet and bathing is done in the traditional onsen house. All rooms have a flat screen TV, small fridge & kettle, and free Wi-Fi is available throughout the property. Your room will have the traditional yukata, which is not mandatory to wear at this Ryokan, although it is definitely comfortable attire after a day on the slopes.

Night-time meals are traditional multi-course Japanese cuisine served by your own private waiter in the ryokan dining area.

Breakfasts (also included) are another highlight of your experience at Yumoto and need to be experienced as words are hard to describe.

Ryokan Yumoto is close to a wide array of quality restaurants in Yudanaka and a short distance from the local Lawsons convenience store and the train station. Yumoto has a complimentary pickup and drop-off to and from the train station and they offer a free drop off at the snow monkey park 20 minutes earlier than the other accommodation in town so that you get the luxury of arriving at the park early.

A piece of Japanese history

...lovely traditional rooms...

...indoor & outdoor onsen

Hotel Omodaka (Premium)

Hotel Omodaka in Yudanaka Onsen, sits adjacent to the Yomase River, and the onsen and many of the guest rooms enjoy lovely views of the surrounding mountains. The open-air onsen baths overlook the Five Mountains of Hokushin.

Omodaka is owned and operated by an amazing family who make your time there a true authentic Japanese experience.


Most of the rooms at Omodaka Hotel are washitsu ie Japanese style rooms with tatami flooring. All twin/triple/quad share rooms have a toilet and handbasin and a shower, or you can bathe in the onsen. The single supplement rooms have a toilet and wash basin, with bathing in the onsen. Beds are futons, and if you like a soft bed, there are extra futons to double up. Rooms are larger than most in Yudanaka and all rooms have a flat screen TV, small fridge & kettle. Your room also has a traditional yukata (cotton kimono), which is not mandatory to wear at this hotel, although it is definitely comfortable attire after a day on the slopes.

You can upgrade to the deluxe western room which is double the size of the Japanese style rooms and sleeps a maximum of 4 people. It has 2 oversized twin beds plus a large tatami seating area for 2 futons. This room has a large bathroom, with a bath and rain shower.


The hotel has an onsen, with gender segregated baths on an elevated floor, and the balcony of the rotenburo (outdoor bath) offers views across towards Mt Myoko and other mountains. In addition to the outdoor onsen, there are indoor baths and a sauna which is rare in Yudanaka.

Other amenities:
  • Small lounge in lobby
  • Gift shop that also sells some sundries
  • Free wifi throughout the hotel
  • Bar and River Cafe that serves up great burgers and toasties in case you're hankering for a non-Japanese meal
  • Massage services available
  • Drinks vending machines
  • Table tennis room
  • The hotel does not have clothes washing facilities however there is a public laundry a short walk away.

Japanese tatami rooms

...private ensuite bathrooms...

...indoor & outdoor onsen


The breakfast dining room has traditional Japanese décor such as shoji screens and tatami flooring, along with comfort of western-style tables and chairs. Breakfast (included) is served buffet style and includes some classic Japanese breakfast fare such as miso soup, rice, salad, dumplings, pickles, mini sausages, and omelette rectangles, as well as a few western staples. Coffee and juice are also provided.

Evening meals are multi-course Japanese cuisine served in a traditional dining room by your personal waiter. Dinner is a great opportunity to sample lots of Japanese fare.


The hotel is located adjacent to the river and it is 1.1km southeast of the Yudanaka train station, and arrival and departure shuttles are provided by the hotel. The main hub of Yudanaka restaurants and the bar district are about 1km from the hotel, and you have the option of getting the one-way shuttle to get to restaurants in the evening.

Omodaka has a free drop off service to the snow monkey park 20 minutes earlier than the other accommodation in town so that you get the luxury of arriving at the park early, so you have the place to yourself for a length of time (it is a tourist attraction so gets busy).

Snow Monkey Guest House (Economy)

Coming soon is the new economy property called Snow Monkey Guest House which will cater for more economy focussed guests.

It is set in the heart of Yudanaka and after renovation it is due to be open mid November 2024. Bookings for this property will open up later in the year once we are certain of the opening date.

Rates, Inclusions & Add-Ons

2024/25 Tour Prices

 Prices are Per Person in Japanese Yen
 Accommodation  Room Type   Price
Deluxe Ryokan Yumoto Twin share Japanese or western room with toilet 499,000 63,000 - single occupancy
Deluxe Ryokan Yumoto Triple/quad share Japanese or western room with toilet 489,000 n/a
Premium Hotel Omodaka Twin share Japanese room with bathroom 469,000 45,000 - single occupancy for room with toilet; 72,000 - upgrade per person for deluxe western room
Premium Hotel Omodaka Triple/quad share Japanese room with bathroom 459,000  n/a


  • Holiday rates apply for the 25th Dec to 3rd Jan tour
  • Tours between 15th March and 15th April 2025 can be arranged and are based around a minimum of 4 people.
  • You will be matched against an ability chart to indicate where you sit in relation to skill level which will further assist the guides in joining you with an appropriate group. The guides are very focussed in keeping the flow of each group at a similar level and will move skier and snowboard abilities about to achieve this no matter the age, so it is extremely important you do not overstate your ability, or you may find you are in a group where you will be waiting for others not the other way around.
  • These tours may be a mix of skiers and snowboarders if the minimum of 4 people in each discipline is not reached. Where possible, the guides will try to have separate skier and snowboarder tours when numbers allow.
  • Please enquire if you have any questions.
  • 9 x nights accommodation in twin, triple or quad share Japanese style room (single supplement available plus the ability to upgrade to the deluxe room)
  • Daily breakfasts & 2 in-house dinners
  • 8 days of lift passes
  • 8 full days of guiding/instruction max 1:6 guide to guest ratio
  • Mountain transportation to best snow location each day
  • An interactive evening with a 2nd generation Geisha performance
  • An interactive karate performance and taiko drum/shamisen guitar/lion dance performance
  • Free rejuvenating daily onsen at hotels (plus Omodaka has a sauna)
  • A magic/comedy/interactive performance
  • Ability to have a rest day if you wish & you can experience one of 3 self-guided cultural days as outlined in the tour itinerary
  • Complimentary pickup and dropoff at Yudanaka train station
  • Karaoke evening
  • AVI gear rental ¥3000 yen per day and includes beacon, probe, shovel and pack
  • Single supplement Ryokan Yumoto ¥63000 and Hotel Omodaka ¥45000
  • Western room upgrade Hotel Omodaka ¥72000 pp
  • We have a full ski rental store which includes clothing, helmet, goggles, gloves, ski boots, poles, carving skis and fat skis (no snowboard gear). Ask for rate sheet.
  • Extra nights and guiding
Not Included


Terms of Agreement & Policies/Booking Information

Please carefully read the policies below before you make a reservation.


To enable us to complete your arrangements you must complete the customer information spreadsheet as complete as possible at the time.  This does not guarantee your booking as we need to confirm that the accommodation you have requested is available.  If there is no availability for some/all of your components we will advise you of this and offer an alternative where possible. The alternative product offered may be a different price and prices will be adjusted accordingly.   The information which you provide may be used by JPC Tours for further communication to you (unless requested otherwise) but no information will be divulged to any third party.


Once we have confirmed your accommodation requirements JPC Tours will send you a deposit invoice of 20% of the total booking which is nonrefundable once received.  We do hold the deposit in credit for you if you wish to book with us at another date. You will then have 7 days to reconfirm your space with your deposit.  The payment options for the deposit are through our New Zealand or Japanese bank account or via Flywire as bank transfer or credit card.  Any fees associated with the transfer are the client’s responsibility. The final balance is to be paid 60 days prior to the commencement of the tour either via our New Zealand or Japanese bank account or through Flywire.  We also have the option to pay by cash yen at the start of the tour for those who wish to avoid the transaction fees and perhaps gain by purchasing cash yen at the time you consider the best rate.  If you pay directly into our Japanese account from an overseas institution you are required to cover any applicable fees. This is usually a fee on your end and a 3000JPY fee when the funds land into our account. If we have been charged any fees for accepting such transactions these fees will be passed on in full.  


Once we receive written notification that you are cancelling your trip the following fees will apply. The 20% deposit is non-refundable however we do hold it in credit for the following season.  For guests that have paid the balance of tour early and cancel between 2 and 4 months prior to the trip then 50% of that balance will be refunded.  Cancellations made with less than two months of advanced notice will not be refunded. Unfortunately, due to the time-sensitive nature of our business, and the difficulty in re-booking a trip close to the departure date, we cannot make exceptions to this policy.

JPC Tours cannot be held responsible for snow conditions. Trips cannot be cancelled or amended on the basis of snow conditions. No refunds will be made if you voluntarily leave a tour for any reason after the tour has begun. Refunds will be at the discretion of JPC Tours if you are involuntarily forced to leave a tour for any reason. No refunds will be given for any accommodation, transport, sightseeing, meals, services, lift tickets or any component of the tour not utilized.


If you need to amend any arrangements after your original booking these must be advised in writing. One amendment is free of charge. Any further changes will incur administration costs of ¥3000 per amendment plus any costs levied by our overseas agents and suppliers. Any change to an existing booking constitutes ‘an amendment’. A transfer to another tour is viewed as a cancellation and not as an amendment, and cancellation fees will apply.


JPC Tours receives bookings subject to the following conditions.

  1. A booking is accepted only after JPC Tours receives the deposit and issues the client a Confirmation Invoice. The balance must be received 60 days prior to the commencement of the tour; otherwise JPC Tours may treat the booking as cancelled by the client. 
  2. It is our policy to run our tours even if we have only one guest booked and to date, we have never cancelled a tour in over a decade of operation, however we did have a world shut down due to COVID which meant we were unable to operate for two season hence JPC Tours reserves the right to cancel any tour prior to departure, including a confirmed tour, due to circumstances beyond our control. If this occurs, you will be given the option of changing to another tour or receive a full refund. JPC Tours is not responsible for any incidental expense you have incurred as a result of your booking. If you choose and alternative tour and it is at a lower value than your original tour, you will be refunded the difference. If the alternative tour is of a higher value, then you will pay the difference in price. 
  3. Date changes are subject to availability. Date changes may be requested at any time up to 2 months prior to your departure date. Date changes made between 2-3 months prior to the tour will be charged a ¥20,000 fee per person. A ¥10,000 fee will be charged per person for all date changes made more than 3 months prior to the tour.
  4. Where this booking would otherwise be subject to the provisions of the Consumer Guarantee Act (C.G.A) 1993, if the supply is a supply for business purposes the client agrees that the services are supplied for business purposes in terms of section 2 and 43 of the C.G.A 1993, and that the provisions of the said Act do not apply to the supply to the client. Such client is not a consumer for the purposes of these booking conditions.
  5. Adventure sports activities involve many risks, dangers and hazards.  These risks and hazards are outlined in our release of liability, waiver of claims, assumptions of risks and indemnity agreement which all participants are required to read and sign before participating in a JPC Tour.  This agreement will affect your legal rights should you be involved in an accident.  Managing risk is JPC Tours number one priority. Our guides manage significant hazards inherent to side country pursuits (e.g., avalanche, inclement weather, tee-accidents, rock fall, and high winds) but they cannot eliminate them. Please clearly understand that skiing in bounds and out of bounds is an inherently hazardous sport and both actions are only undertaken with the full knowledge and consent from the participant that these are inherently dangerous activities. You are choosing to engage in an activity in which skiers have been injured and worse. While these accidents are indeed infrequent, they may occur at any time and be out of our control. We ask that participants acknowledge that risk and make their own choices about whether to engage in this activity. We ask that each participant is physically and mentally fit, is properly attired and equipped, and continues to assess him/her-self throughout the tour to ensure as safe a time as possible. We ask that participants honestly and accurately describe themselves, in terms of fitness, health and skills, and their equipment to their guides, and that they adhere to the advice of their guide.
  6. Due to the inherent risk involved in alpine pursuits, and in the interest of your safety, JPC Tours strongly recommends all participants to bring insurance that provides full medical and emergency evacuation coverage. JPC Tours will NOT provide insurance for participants on any JPC tour. If a participant does not have proper insurance documentation, he/she will be liable for her own medical and emergency evacuation expenses and will receive no refund, date change, or any kind of compensation from JPC Tours. Please take this seriously and lean on the side of caution.
  7. JPC Tours acts only as an agent for the other companies providing or offering accommodation, lift tickets and other services and as such has no control over any services or products provided by these supplying companies. All bookings made are subject to the booking terms and conditions under which these services are provided. JPC Tours and its suppliers reserve the right, without liability or right of compensation, to prohibit or restrict any activity, or cancel or alter any service or itinerary component, without notice. JPC Tours will not be held responsible for the inability of the suppliers to comply with any special request relating to age, medical conditions, physical ability or disability, dietary requirements, allergic conditions, smoking or non-smoking accommodation.   JPC Tours does not own or control the hoteliers, ski resorts or the various suppliers, and JPC Tours does not actually provide those services itself. JPC Tours will take all possible care to ensure that its suppliers have a reputation for maintaining a high standard. However, JPC Tours is unable to accept responsibility in any way for day-to-day problems with the services provided or for any loss, damage, delay, inconvenience or injury to persons or property, or any other loss howsoever arising. In particular JPC Tours is unable to accept responsibility for any aspect of your holiday arrangements affected by matters over which JPC Tours has no control including, without limitation, war or threat of war, riots and civil strife, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, weather conditions, fire, flood, drought, industrial disputes or governmental or official action or reasonable apprehension of the foregoing, cancellation, curtailment, or rescheduling of flights, or any failure on your part to obtain the correct visas and valid passport for travel. 
  8. While JPC Tours will use its best endeavors to operate all tours as advertised, reasonable changes in the itinerary may be made without notice where deemed necessary or advisable by JPC Tours.
  9. JPC Tours does not accept responsibility for disruption, inconvenience, cancellation or alteration directly or indirectly caused by or aggravated by the failure of any computer data processing equipment or media microchip integrated circuit or similar equipment, software or processing, storage or retrieval system.
  10. It is a condition of the acceptance of your deposit in respect of this tour that all monies paid to JPC Tours, whether by way of deposit or otherwise in respect of the tour, may be disbursed by JPC Tours as and when it sees fit or in respect of the services to be provided or fees payable under the tour program and the payment of a deposit for the tour shall be deemed to be a direction by you to JPC Tours to disburse such monies as foresaid. All monies received by JPC Tours are deposited in its name with its bankers, until appropriate disbursement to the suppliers of services or their agents.
  11. The flight segment of the tour is to be arranged by the customer and JPC Tours cannot be held responsible for any consequences that may arise due to your air travel arrangements.
  12. Receipt of a deposit will be taken as an understanding by JPC Tours that the participant has read and agrees to abide by these terms and conditions stated.
  13. The booking conditions and the supply of services herein shall be governed by and interpreted according to the laws of New Zealand, and both the client and JPC Tours irrevocably submits themselves to the jurisdiction of New Zealand courts in respect of any proceedings arising out of or relating to these booking conditions or services provided hereunder.


Passport and visa fees, insurance, excess baggage charges, extra meals, laundry, drinks, souvenirs, items of a personal nature including medication, departure taxes, and tipping are not included in the price of your holiday. Entrance fees to venues detailed in the itinerary will generally be included, unless specified otherwise in the itinerary.


A valid passport is required for travel and some countries require that it be valid for at least 6 months after the date of departure from those countries. Japan works on a 90 holiday visa for most countries however some countries are excluded from this and require further documentation before travel into Japan is permitted.
The above information should be taken as a general guideline and JPC Tours will endeavor to resolve any issues that may arise in a prompt and professional manner.