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Ski Resorts Japan

Below you’ll find a list of ski resorts in Japan on the islands of Honshu and Hokkaido, broken down by prefecture or sub-prefecture. These are ski resorts in Japan that are covered on Powderhounds.com, and whilst it doesn’t include all ski areas, it includes the majority of the good ones. The ski resorts Japan list is rather overwhelming, so in deciding where to ski in Japan you’ll need to factor in how good the ski resort is (see our ratings), but also whether you want to head to a destination resort where you can stay for a week or so, or whether you’re an intrepid traveller that wants to sample various ski areas in a region (powder hounds should see the Japan powder skiing region page). We’ve categorised the ski resorts in Japan into:
  • Major destination resort – you could stay here for a week. It is typically a large (by Japanese standards) westernised ski area with lots of amenities, services for kids, and it could be a base to explore other ski resorts nearby.
  • Minor destination resort – this is a moderately sized resort where you could stay for a few days. Your trip may combine it with another minor or major destination resort. 
  • Day trip/overnight – you could stay overnight, but it’s more ideal for a day trip from a base nearby. As with the next category, you could go there on a road trip or guided tour.
  • Day trip – you’ll need to stay somewhere nearby
 Ski Resorts Japan by Area
 Region  Prefecture/
Ski Towns/
 Ski Resorts   Type
 Chubu  Nagano  Nagano City  Hakuba 47  day trip
     Shibu Onsen  Hakuba Cortina  minor destination
     Yudanaka  Hakuba Goryu  major destination
       Hakuba Happo One  major destination
       Hakuba Iwatake  major destination
       Hakuba Kashimayari  day/overnight
       Hakuba Norikura  minor destination
       Hakuba Sanosaka  day/overnight
       Hakuba Tsugaike  major destination
       Karuizawa  minor destination
       Kijimadaira  day/overnight
       Kurohime  day/overnight
       Madarao  minor/major
       Mt Norikura  day/overnight
       Nomugi Toge  day/overnight
       Nozawa Onsen  major destination
       Ryuoo  day/overnight
       Shiga Kogen   major destination
       Kumanoyu  minor destination
       Okushiga Kogen  major destination
       Yakebitaiyama  major destination
       Yokoteyama  day/overnight
       Sugadaira  day/overnight
       Tangram  minor destination
       Togakushi  day/overnight
       Togari Onsen  day/overnight
   Niigata  Yuzawa  Arai  minor destination
       Charmant Hiuchi  day/overnight
       Cupid Valley  day/overnight
       Gala Yuzawa  day trip
       Ishiuchi Maruyama  day/overnight
       Iwappara  day/overnight
       Joetsu Kokusai  minor destination
       Kagura  minor destination
       Kandatsu Kogen  day trip
       Maiko  day/overnight
       Muikamachi Hakkaisan  day trip
       Myoko: Akakura  major destination
       Myoko: Ikenotaira  major destination
       Myoko: Seki Onsen  day/overnight
       Myoko: Suginohara  major destination
       Naeba  major destination
       Okutadami Maruyama  day/overnight
       Yuzawa Kogen  minor destination
   Gifu    Dynaland  day trip
       Hirayu Onsen  day/overnight
       Honoki Daira  day/overnight
       Takasu  day/overnight
 Kanto    Tokyo    

 Gunma  Katashina  Kusatsu Onsen  minor destination
     Minakami  Kawaba  day trip
       Manza Onsen  minor destination
       Marunuma Kogen  day/overnight
       Minakami Houdaigi  day/overnight
       Oguna Hotaka  day trip
       Oze Iwakura  minor destination
       Oze Tokura  day/overnight
       Palcall Tsumagoi  minor destination
       Tenjindaira  minor destination
       White Valley  day trip
 Tohoku  Akita    Ani  minor destination
       Akita Hachimantai  day/overnight
       Hanawa  day trip
       Jeunesse Kurikoma  day/overnight
       Suishozan  day trip
       Tazawako  day/overnight
   Aomori  Aomori City  Aomori Spring  minor destination
     Kuroishi  Hakkoda  minor destination
       Owani Onsen  day/overnight
   Fukushima    Adatara Kogen  day/overnight
       Alts Bandai  minor destination
       Grandeco  minor destination
       Inawashiro  day/overnight
       Minowa  minor destination
       Nekoma  day trip
       Takatsue  day/overnight
       Urabandai  day trip
   Iwate  Morioka  Appi  major destination
     Hachimantai  Geto Kogen  day/overnight
       Panorama  minor destination
       Shimokura  day trip
       Iwate Kogen  day/overnight
       Okunakayama  day/overnight
       Shizukuishi  minor destination
       Hiraniwa Kogen  day/overnight
       Tayama  day trip
   Yamagata  Ginzan Onsen  Gassan  day/overnight
       Asahi Shizenkan  day/overnight
       Jangle Jungle  day trip
       Tengendai Kogen  day/overnight
       Yudonosan  day trip
       Zao Onsen  minor destination
   Miyagi    Akakura  
       Onikoube  day/overnight
Hokkaido  Ishikari
 Sapporo  Sapporo Kokusai  day trip
       Sapporo Bankei  day trip
       Sapporo Teine  day trip
       Moiwayama  day trip
       Fu's  day trip
 Kutchan  Asari  day/overnight
     Otaru  Kiroro  minor destination
       Iwanai  day/overnight
       Niseko  major destination
       Moiwa  major destination
       Onze  day trip
       Otaru Tenguyama  minor destination
       Rusutsu  major destination
 Asahikawa  Asahidake  minor destination
       Canmore  day trip
       Furano  major destination
       Hinata  day trip
       Kamui  day trip
       Kokusetsu Horotachi  day/overnight
       Kurodake  day/overnight
       Minamifurano  day/overnight
       Nayoro Piyashiri  day/overnight
       Pippu  day/overnight
       Tomamu  major destination
       Wassamu  day trip
   Sorachi    Kamoidake  day trip
   Mt Racey  minor destination
       Katsurazawa  day trip
       Horotachi  day trip
   Nukabira  day/overnight
       Sahoro  major destination
 Hakodate  Hakodate Nanae  day trip
       Niyama Kogen  day trip
   Hidaka    Hidaka Kokusai  day/overnight
   Iburi  Noboribetsu  Sunlaiva  day trip
     Lake Toya    
   Hiyama    Pirika