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Ginzan Onsen

Ginzan Onsen (Silver Mountain Hot Spring) is highly regarded for its therapeutic hot springs, cultural heritage, and traditional ambience, making it a popular destination for those seeking a relaxing and authentic onsen experience in Yamagata Prefecture.

Ginzan Onsen is an onsen town that developed around a silver mine, and it is now popular with those looking for the perfect Japanese Instaglam photo. You might be able to swing a couple of nights in Ginzan as part of a broader Yamagata or Tohoku snow trip.

It is an incredibly pretty town, especially when snow covered. It’s nestled in a narrow valley and has a small river flowing through the middle of town, with historic ryokan on either side. Various wooden and stone bridges complete the charming picture, and at night time, it’s particularly Instagram worthy when the gas street lamps illuminate the river street that’s pedestrian-only. The traditional wooden ryokan that line the streets have architecture of a bygone era, and many ryokan have been very well preserved.

As the name suggests, Ginzan Onsen has onsen baths which are located in the ryokan and there are also two public baths that you can visit for a fee.

Where is Ginzan Onsen?

Located near Obanazawa City in Yamagata Prefecture, Ginzan Onsen is in the east part of the prefecture near the border with the Miyagi Prefecture. It’s 60km northeast of the city of Yamagata.

Ski areas near Ginzan Onsen:
  • Jangle Jungle is 45km south (1 hour)
  • Yamagata Akakura Onsen is 22km north (20-30 minute drive)
  • Zao Onsen is 80km south (1:15 hours drive) of Ginzan Onsen
  • Gassan Ski Resort is 80km southwest (1:30hours)
  • Onikoube in Miyagi is 53km NW (1 hour drive)


Booking a stay at one of the ryokan in Ginzan Onsen can be a little competitive.

You can try your luck at the Ginzanso Ryokan which has traditional tatami floored rooms. Some of the rooms even have a private open air onsen bath.

Or Kosekiya is located in the hub of town. It is a beautiful restored old ryokan with the prerequisite onsen, although surprisingly it has rooms with western style beds.
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