Compare Yuzawa Ski Resorts

Compare Yuzawa Ski Resorts

There are lots of Yuzawa ski resort options so it can become a little overwhelming to choose which resort/s you want to ski or snowboard at. As a starting point you can look at the Yuzawa ski resort statistics table below to compare the general size of the resort and the elevation. You can also look at our Japan ski resort ratings to see how we rate some of the Yuzawa ski resorts versus others in Japan.

Best Yuzawa Ski Resort for Beginners

Lots of the ski resorts have great beginner terrain. Top picks would be Iwappara, Kagura and Maiko.

Best Skiing in Yuzawa for Intermediates

Similarly lots of the Yuzawa resorts are great for intermediates. Good choices would include Joetsu Kokusai, Naeba and Gala Yuzawa (along with neighbouring Ishiuchi Maruyama and Yuzawa Kogen).

Best Yuzawa Ski Resort for Powder Hounds

Several of the Yuzawa ski resorts are not particularly great for advanced skiers and snowboarders wanting to chase the powder, either because the mountain is not steep enough, off-piste skiing is banned (and strictly policed) or opportunities are limited. Those resorts that are great for powder hounds include Kagura, Hakkaisan, and Kandatsu Kogen, and Maiko is OK too.

Best Snow

In some respects the typical length of the Yuzawa ski season (see table) for each resort is partially indicative of the general snow quality. The top elevation as outlined in the Yuzawa ski resort statistics table is also somewhat indicative of the best snow quality. So as to be expected, the upper parts of Naeba and Kagura typically have good snow quality. Kagura is the top pick as it tends to get bigger dumps of snow compared to Naeba.

Of course aspect also has a part to play with respect to good snow. Kandatsu Kogen is mostly north facing (or northeast to northwest), Ishiuchi has a northeasterly orientation, and Maiko also has an orientation conducive to great snow.

Easy Access

Gala Yuzawa takes the cake for having the best access from Tokyo considering it has its own shinkansen station at the base of the gondola.

For access from the town of Yuzawa, Ipponsugi is the closest considering it sits just above the town, only 250 metres from the train station. However most people won’t want to ride at Ipponsugi considering it’s tiny and they charge a lot for the privilege of riding just one lift.

Yuzawa Kogen is also very easy to access from the centre of town being only 500 metres from the Echigo-Yuzawa train station. With a tri-area pass you can then also ski over to Gala Yuzawa and Ishiuchi Maruyama.

Skiers Only

Note that Naspa Ski Garden and Ipponsugi are for two plankers only - no snowboarders allowed.

Yuzawa Ski Resort Statistics Comparison

Runs  Lifts   %
ChateauShizozawa  579 210 7 4 40 40 20 37
Gala Yuzawa 1181 381 17 11  35 45  20  33
Ipponsugi 470 30 1 1 80 20 0 12
Ishiuchi Maruyama 920 664 23 16 40 40 20 35
Iwappara 985 585 10 8 40 40 20 35
JoetsuKokusai 1017 817 22 25 30 50 20 38
Kagura 1845 1225 23 22 45 35 20 32
KandatsuKogen 1000 540 13 7 30 40 30 45
Ludens Yuzawa 680 230 5 1 40 40 20 29
Maiko 920 660  26 11 40 40 20 32
Mt Granview 620 370 7 3 30 40 30 30
Hakkaisan 1170 815 15 4 30 40 30 38
Naeba 1789 889 22 13  30 40 30 32
NakazatoSnowWood 670 183  3 2 50 30 20 31
Naspa 690 260 8 5 30 40 30 38
YuzawaKogen  1170 840 7 6 40  40 20 30
YuzawaNakazato 702 244  16 8 40  30 30 32
Yuzawa Park 650 210 11 6 40  40 20 31

You can also see our Japan ski resort statistics to see how the Yuzawa ski resorts compare to others in Japan.

Yuzawa Ski Season

Here are the typical opening and closing dates of the resorts. Of course, the exact Yuzawa ski season at the different resorts will be dependent on snow conditions at the time.

  Opening Closing
Chateau Shizozawa  late Dec late March
Gala Yuzawa mid Dec  early May
Ipponsugi late Dec early April
Ishiuchi Maruyama mid Dec early April
Iwappara early Dec early April
Joetsu Kokusai early Dec early April
Kagura mid Nov late May
Kandatsu Kogen mid Dec late April
Ludens Yuzawa late Dec early April
Maiko mid Dec mid April
Mt Granview late Dec late March
Muikamachi Hakkaisan mid Dec mid March
Naeba mid Dec early May
Nakazato Snow Wood mid Dec late March
Naspa mid Dec mid April
Yuzawa Kogen  mid Dec early April
Yuzawa Nakazato mid Dec early April 
Yuzawa Park mid Dec early April