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Tokyo Hotels

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Tokyo accommodation options are many and varied; from 5 star Tokyo hotels to cheap business hotels. Or Tokyo has dirt cheap capsule hotels if you’re game (and male) and want a quintessential Japanese experience.

One major factor in your Tokyo hotel choice is probably the location. Do you want to be near one of the airports, a particular Tokyo attraction, or just in the district that’s got the most buzz!?

Narita Airport Hotels

If you arrive late into Narita Airport or have an early flight, there are lots of hotels near Narita Airport that provide complimentary shuttles between the airport and hotel.

Narita Hotels Listings

Haneda Airport Hotels

If your transport to and from the ski resorts isn't quite lining up with your flight time, you may need an overnight stay in a Haneda Airport Hotel. We've stayed at the Kawasaki King Skyfront Tokyu REI Hotel and found it to be of good quality and good value. It has funky industrial decor and it overlooks the river and then the airport. There are regular shuttles between the hotel and the airport, or a taxi fare is reasonably inexpensive.  

Haneda Hotels Listings

Tokyo Station

If you’re just staying in Tokyo for one night or need the convenience of staying near the Tokyo Station, there are various hotels in the Ginza area and surrounds. At one end of the spectrum is the upscale Shangri-La Hotel, only 2 minutes walk from the Tokyo Station. There are also Tokyo hotels for moderate budgets.

Hotels Near Tokyo Station

Ueno Train Station

If you're flight times don't quite line up to get to/from Nagano or Iiyama on the Shinkansen, you could stay in a hotel near the Ueno train stations. The Keisei Skyliner from Narita Airport terminates at Keisei Ueno Station, just south of the larger JR station where the bullet trains head from. Ueno is Old Tokyo, and it's a great area to wander around, find some dinner and a drink or two, or take in some attractions if you have time. 

Hotels Near Ueno Train Station 


Shinjuko is the essence of the busy and bustling Tokyo. It’s dazzling with prolific neon signs in amongst the many skyscrapers. Shinjuku has hundreds of restaurants and shops, including enormous camera stores. The nightlife is incredibly vibrant with lots of bars and a red light district. This area has great transport options and lots of Tokyo hotels, including many luxury hotels in western Shinjuku such as the famous Park Hyatt Tokyo (and some love hotels!).

Shinjuko Hotels Listings


Shibuya is for the young or young at heart. The entertainment district is popular with the youth of Tokyo, and like Shinjuko, this area is very busy and a little crazy. The people-watching is a tourist activity in itself or you can visit the Meiji Shrine. Shibuya has great shopping and cheap food. Hotel options in this area are somewhat limited.

Shibuya Hotels Listings


Close to Tokyo Station, Ginza is part of the Chuo district. Ginza is bustling yet upmarket. The hotels are upscale, the shopping is ritzy (and there are lots of department stores), and the restaurants also tailor to the well-heeled market. Ginza is home to the fish markets of Tsukiji, and good transport options are another pro of staying in this area.

Ginza Hotels Listings


Shinagawa Station is the hub of various train lines (including the arrival point for trains from Haneda airport), and there are many hotels located close to the train station. Shinagawa has plenty of shopping and entertainment on offer.

Shinagawa Hotels Listings


Roppongi is rather popular with westerners, possibly because it’s a good all-rounder and plenty of fun. Visit the Mori Tower to visit the observation deck during the day, and enjoy the super vibrant (albeit somewhat seedy) nightlife. Roppongi is also shopping central and there are lots of dining opportunities.

Roppongi Hotels

Ueno & Asakusa

This area north of Tokyo Station caters well to the tourist who wants a taste of the old Japan. Ueno and Asakusa have some ryokan (Japanese inns) as well as western style hotels. There are fun ameyoko shopping lanes as well as more modern department stores. Senso-ji Temple, museums, and other Tokyo attractions can be found in this area.

Ueno & Asakusa Hotels Listings
Hotels Near Ueno Train Station

Tokyo Disneyland Hotels

If you’re main purpose for visiting Tokyo is to take the kids (or the big kids) to Disneyland, it may be convenient to stay right next to this mega theme park.

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel Listings