Naeba Activities

Naeba Activities

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Naeba Activities

Most of the Naeba activities are focussed around the very family friendly approach of Naeba.

Naeba Family Activities

Naeba has various child and family specific areas that operate on a user pays system.

The Pandaruman snow park out the front of the Prince Hotel is fun central for little kids and their parents. In addition to skiing, this area is great for tubing and sledding.

Go wacko at Waku Waku Family Snowland, an outdoor area adjacent to the base of the ski area. More fun can be had here with magic carpet accessed snow tubing, a carousel, snowmobiling for children 8 and over, and a snow train.

Up the other end of the resort is Kappa Snowmobile Land which offers short or longer snowmobile tours. The snowmobiles are not very powerful, and tandem rides with your child are possible.

The Prince Hotel has a games room with various games and prize machines. For bigger kids there is table tennis and billiards (for a fee).

Naeba also has lots of events during the season including kids’ treasure hunts and fireworks.

Naeba Ski Tours

There used to be a really lame form of heli skiing at nearby Kagura during spring, but it seems that this activity was ceased, possibly because the locals thought it was too risky (!!) or perhaps because they realised it was lame!

Mikuni Cat Skiing at the former ski resort adjacent to Naeba is no longer operating.

There is a Naeba ski guiding company that takes sidecountry and backcountry ski and snowboard tours around Naeba and Kagura. 


It seems that the day spa and massages services at the Prince Hotel are no longer in operation.

Naeba Onsen “Hiuchi No Yu” is located adjacent to the Prince Hotel in the Day Trip Ski Center. It has an indoor and open air bath that can be accessed by hotel guests or day trippers. A soak in the hot spring is a great finale to a tiring day on the slopes.

The hotel has another public bath that’s not an onsen (hot spring) but is still very relaxing. There is also a sauna if you want to completely dehydrate yourself!

Mitsumata (a village of the Kagura ski resort) is home to Kai-do no Yu, an onsen with both indoor and outdoor (rotenburo) hot pools. This provides a more traditional Japanese onsen experience than that at Naeba.