Myoko Kogen Powder Packages

Myoko Shops

A ski holiday in Myoko Kogen offers some small opportunities for shopping, but it’s certainly not a place where you can go on a shopping spree.

Myoko Kogen Ski Shops

There are various ski-osks dotted across the Myoko ski areas selling basic ski and snowboard accessories such as gloves, beanies and goggles.

However if you need a new snowboard, skis or a spanking outfit, then buy it before you arrive because the offerings at the Myoko Kogen ski shops are rather slim.

There are various Myoko ski shops in Akakura Onsen but they largely specialize in equipment rentals rather than retail. One exception is Joey’s Custom Boot Fitting, which in addition to being able to adjust boots and make footbeds, offer a small amount of hardwear.

Myoko Souvenir Shopping

The main street of Akakura Onsen village has a few gift shops that sell fairly typical Japanese souvenirs: Hello Kitty knick knacks; souvenir confectionary and cakes; a few chopsticks and simple homewares; Japanese dolls; and lots of sake and food stuffs that feature Niigata’s famous rice.

The town of Myoko Kogen has various gift shops with the greatest concentration near the train station. These shops sell the usual Japanese gifts as well as more unique local souvenirs.

General Shopping Myoko

Yamazaki is a convenience store in the main street of Akakura Onsen that sells small meals, snacks, other basic food items, sundries, and beverages including plenty of sake.

The base area of Suginohara Ski Resort has a shop selling lots of snacks, beverages and ski accessories.

The town of Myoko Kogen also has a 7-Eleven.

For more substantial grocery purchases there is the Dai-Ichi Super down in Myoko, about 700m north of the train station.

Akakura Onsen has a drug/convenience store at the top of the main street that sells very basic pharmaceuticals and other pharmacy goods such as sports tape, knee braces, eye drops and other useful products that you may need to mend your ski battered body. The shop also sells beauty products in case you want to look pretty on the slopes.