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Echoland Restaurants & Bars

Knock yourself out! There are lots of Echoland restaurants and bars, and unlike Happo and Wadano where they’re all rather spread out, in Echoland most of the dining and drinking establishments are on the main street or very close by.

There are some great little Japanese eateries and izakayas where no or barely any English is spoken, and you really feel like you’re in Japan. Head to B.O.S., a cute little eatery that specialises in okonomiyaki (savoury pancake).

At the other end of the spectrum are restaurants and bars that have no essence of Japan whatsoever and you might as well be in Australia, which is great if you’re hankering for a chicken parmigiana.

A street away from the main drag is the famous Cherry Pub which has been an institution of Echoland for a while and good for classic pub fare.

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