Lotte Arai Activities

Lotte Arai Activities

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For a resort in its re-birthed infancy, Lotte Arai Resort has a surprising number of activities on offer beyond the skiing and snowboarding.

Zip Lining

Lotte don't do things by half, and the ziplining is somewhat indicative of how OTT many things are at Lotte Arai. The main zip line runs from Zendana Station (the top of the gondola), across a deep valley (which at its maximum is scarily 239 metres below the cable), to the top of the 2nd double chair lift. You travel just over 1,500 metres, and it's the biggest ziplining experience in Asia. Needless to say, it's a lot of fun for people who like to fly downhill fast (so most skiers and snowboarders!).

The actual zip lining takes only a few minutes although the tour takes a couple of hours because it understandably involves a lot of orientation to safety procedures. Participants need to be 10 years of age or older and weigh 30 to 110kg.

The video shows parts of the zipline experience (Top Dog was going a little sideways due to a bit of wind) - lots of woo-hooing!

Lotte Arai also has a mini zip lining cable for those who are a bit scared about being soooo far off the valley floor.


Lotte haven't mucked around with the tubing hill either! When it's not dumping with snow, the tubing hill is pretty fast so it's fun for children as well as the big kids. You might even need to walk a little down the hill before you launch into your tube.

The tubing hill is serviced by a covered magic carpet (because it snows so much).

Onsen, Swimming Pool, Day Spa

No expense was spared with the refurbishment of Lotte Arai so one onsen complex wasn't enough; they needed two! The onsen facilities in The Arai building are available to hotel guests as well as day visitors (for a fee) and are aesthetically beautiful. There are multiple onsen baths for each gender including jetted baths and recliners in some of the baths. Outdoors is a large bath that overlooks water cascading down illuminated steps and another bath with massage jets. The shower cubicles are a little segregated for privacy and there are also a couple of stand-up cubicles if your knees are too shot to get down onto a low stool.

Spa Manna incorporates a large day spa with many treatment rooms including private jetted baths. The whole facility has been beautifully fitted-out and has lovely onsen facilities including indoor and outdoor baths and saunas.

The Arai building has a beautiful indoor swimming pool, but strangely it attracts a significant charge to use it.

Bouldering /Trampolines

The gondola base building includes an indoor rock climbing facility with bouldering walls for both kids and adults. Shoe rental is available.

The facility also houses some big trampolines.