How to Get To Kamui

How to Get To Kamui

Where is Kamui Links?

Kamui Ski Links is located in Central Hokkaido, northeast of Sapporo. The nearest city is Asahikawa (30 minutes by car; 20km). Kamui Links Hokkaido is also easily accessible from Furano (approximately 45-50 minutes by car; 70km).

Getting To Kamui Ski Links from Asahikawa

See the travel to Asahikawa page for information on getting to Asahikawa.

Driving to Kamui Ski Links

Kamui Ski Links Hokkaido can be accessed by car with an approximate travel time of 30 minutes. You can use a GPS provided by the car rental company (the telephone number is 0166-72-2311) or google maps or alternatively it’s easily navigated off the no. 12 (to Sapporo) out of town. The free car parking is located close to the day lodge and the slopes.

With the base at only 150 metres above sea level you certainly don’t have to worry about a difficult drive up a windy mountain road but the road will likely be snowy. See our Japan driving tips for information on driving in Hokkaido.

Bus to Kamui Ski Links

There are inexpensive shuttle buses to Kamui Links from Asahikawa (4 schedules in the morning and 4 return in the afternoon). The shuttle bus stops at Asahikawa train station (hotels nearby are: JR Inn Asahikawa, Smile Hotel), OMO 7Hotel Crescent Asahikawa and Art Hotel Asahikawa.


There are various multi-resort tours that head to Kamui Ski Resort from Asahikawa. These tours include transport as well as guiding, which is very handy considering it’s easy to get lost in the sidecountry of Kamui Ski Links.

Getting To Kamui From Furano


There is a car rental outlet near the Furano station or you can rent a car in Asahikawa or at Asahikawa Airport.

On the drive back to Furano, you might want to stop in for an onsen at the Ashibetsu Onsen Starlight Hotel which has lovely indoor and outdoor baths.


Furano Taxi offers round trip charters to Kamui Ski Links, either via a regular or jumbo taxi. 

Guided Day Tours

Guided day ski/snowboard tours from Furano to Kamui tend to book out very early in the season, as do the multi-day tours, so if you plan to take a guided tour pre-book it well in advance. 

Another option for day guiding at Kamui from Furano is Summit Ski.

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Ski Resorts Nearby

Resorts nearby include:
  • Santa Present Park is 16km to the northeast on the outskirts of Asahikawa
  • Canmore is 37km to the east
  • Kamoidake is 35km to the southwest
  • Furano is 57km to the southeast
  • Pippu is 45km to the northeast
  • Kokusetsu Horotachi is 52km north
Other ski areas in the vicinity of Asahikawa include Asahidake and Tokachidake. See the Asahikawa overview for driving distances to various ski areas.