Laax Lifts & Terrain
Modern high-speed gondolas with heated seats are common at Laax-Flims-Falera ski resort
Modern high-speed gondolas with heated seats are common at Laax-Flims-Falera ski resort
Vast, off-piste freeride terrain is easy to access in Laax ski resort
Vast, off-piste freeride terrain is easy to access in Laax ski resort

Laax Lifts & Terrain

Our Terrain Ratings

Powderhound rating = advanced/expert terrain + powder + freshies + uncrowded

Our Terrain Ratings

Powderhound rating = advanced/expert terrain + powder + freshies + uncrowded

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Laax Maps & Stats

    Laax Ski Trail Map
  • Laax Flims Falera Ski Trail Map
  • Vertical (m)
    1,100m - 3,018m (1,918m)
  • Average Snow Fall
  • Lifts (30*)
    14 Gondolas / cable cars
    7 Chairs
    *note - 5 new gondolas going in by season 24/25
  • Opening Dates & Times
    Late October to late April
    8:30am to 5:00pm
  • Terrain Summary
    Runs - 224km
    Longest run - 13km
    Advanced - 26%
    Intermediate - 36%
    Beginner - 38%
  • Lift Pass Price
    Day Ticket 23/24
    Adult - from CHF56*
    Child - from CHF20*
    Child u/6yr - Free
    All lift passes dynamically priced each day of the season.
    Flims Ski Trail Map
  • Flims Ski Trail Map
    Laax Falera Ski Trail Map
  • Laax Falera Ski Trail Map

Laax Skiing & Snowboarding

Statistically, Laax ski resort stacks up well against all the biggest & best in the world. The resort compares well to Whistler in Canada, but without Whistler's extreme terrain, lift lines & steep lift pass price(although it is trying)!

Topped by the Vorab Glacier above 3,000m, the resort’s 224km (ish) of piste trails & ski routes range from the high alpine to forested slopes over a staggering 1,918m skiable vertical. The terrain & trails cater for all abilities equally well, so there is plenty for advanced skiers & snowboarders including tree skiing for the adventurous.

A major feature of Laax-Flims ski resort is the serious terrain park & super-pipe at the intriguingly named Crap Sogn Gion. It must be seen to be believed.

Over 70% of the ski & snowboard terrain at Laax is above the magic 2,000m elevation line, guaranteeing premium snow conditions to go with the premium facilities & the premium ski pass price!

Laax-Flims-Falera Skiing Highlights

The Laax skiing highlights are only to be undertaken when there is no powder because skiing powder ALWAYS takes priority. Tick off the following when at Laax-Flims-Falera.

  • Ski the many advanced trails, routes & freeride options from La Siala, Laax’s second highest point.
  • Hang on for the 500m vertical T-bar drag up to the top of the resort on the Vorab Glacier (3,018m). Ski the glacier for some cold, dry snow superfine turns against a fabulous back drop of endless mountain peaks.
  • Explore the off-piste terrain & marked routes from the Sattel into Lavadinas & from the summit of Vorab Pign (short climb required) into Fuorcla.
  • Attempt to ski the entire 1,710m vertical & 12km+ long downhill from La Siala (2,810m) all the way down to Flims (1,100m). Leg liquification guaranteed.
  • Experience the amazing parks & pipes around the digital fortress at Crap Sogn Gion. Ride them if you can, enjoy the sight of others doing it if you cannot!
  • Spend a day to complete the ‘Tour of Laax’. Start at Flims & take the gondola to Plaun. Head up to Crap Sogn Gion, discovering the features & varied terrain around it. Take the 64 or 65 all the way down to Laax base. Gondola back up to Curnius, then a lazy schoom down to Falera. Return via chairlifts to Crap Sogn Gion then drop into Alp Dado, then across to Treis Palas & up to Crap Masegn. Super ski down to Fuorcla & then a nostalgic gondola ride up to Vorab. Try to enjoy the long T-bar drag up the Vorab Glacier. After taking in the views, hit the Sattel & ski off piste into Lavadinas. Ride the chair & take trail 38 to Sogn Martin. Warm your bum on the heated seats in the gondola up to glorious La Siala. Explore the terrain down to Nagens before taking trail 18 all the way back into Flims. If you still have the legs, complete a lap up to Foppa & Naraus to fully complete the tour back to Flims. Drink deeply at Legna bar.
  • Ski directly to the doors of the best après locations in Laax & Flims. On the Flims side of the resort have a mojito at the Tucano Bar in Nagens then ski 1,000m vert to the Flims base area and settle into the Legna bar for the afternoon. On the Laax side, have a beverage in Rockbar at Crap Sogn Gion then ski the 1,100m vert into Laax base & enjoy the Indy bar.

Ski Lifts

Ooh the pleasure of riding the modern Laax ski lifts. All sleek & black, we can attest to the derrière saving warmth of the heated seats in the new gondolas. Ongoing modernisation of lifts appears to be a trademark at Laax. The oldest chairlifts around Foppa, plus the Grauberg cable car, are being replaced by a series of 5 gondolas installed for seasons 23/24 and 24/25. The new lifts will open previously lifted terrain from the 2,600m Cassons-Ils Cugns peak, reinstating lift access to tasty advanced terrain high above Foppa. That's when we will head back to check it all out!

With all the modernity comes some drawbacks though. The newer 6-seater chairlifts fitted with auto safety bars, child safety devices (kid stop!), hoods & ‘bucket’ seats are none too friendly for anyone over six foot tall &/or wearing a backpack with avalanche safety gear in it. More often than not, a good old high speed, no frills quad chair is the best upward travel mode of transport & those are a comparative rarity at Laax.

There are still a few old classic ski lifts - the Fuorcla gondola linking Crap Masegn to Vorab & a few cable cars being case in point. With no plans to replace most of them any time soon, the 40yr+ old lifts will provide a nostalgic reminder of the way it used to be. An abundance of surface tows is necessary on the Vorab glacier & useful in the ‘learn to ski’ and terrain park areas.

Lift Pass

Buying lift passes at Laax is a simple affair. Hand over lots of Swiss francs & ski or snowboard the entire resort. Laax once had one of the most expensive lift passes in Europe and it still does if you ski there during peak season on a busy day ....... however! Like many Swiss ski areas, Laax has in recent years adopted a dynamic pricing model based on demand (time of season, day of week, number of tickets sold, weather etc). So if you come on a mid-week day during poor weather in mid-January, you may pay 40% less than the top price. Unlike many other ski areas, the dynamic price applies to lift passes bought both online AND at the ticket box/cash desk.

A note regarding our comment about Laax having 'one of the most expensive lift passes in Europe'. Whilst it true, a dose of perspective - comparative to other similar sized ski resorts across the world, the most expensive Laax daily lift pass price is still 50% cheaper than the USA & 30% cheaper than Canada. Comparisons to resorts in Japan, Oceania & South America cannot be made due to the small size of the ski resorts in those areas, but Laax lift pass prices are still cheaper than in places like Australia. The point is, despite its high price relative to European ski resorts, Laax is a premium ski resort that is still way cheaper than most in the world!

Laax Ski Trail Map

The Laax-Flims-Falera ski trail map is an accurate rendition of the lifts, trails & terrain in the resort. The uninitiated will require frequent references to the map to avoid geographical embarrassment, particularly in low-viz conditions. No shame in it, we had too as well! Just a reality in such a huge ski area.

For a closer look at the ski resort's two main sectors see the Laax-Falera ski trail map and the Flims ski trail map.

Snowboarding Laax

Laax is synonymous with snowboarding. The parks & pipes around Crap Sogn Gion attract hordes of snowboarders wanting to test their mettle against the frightening features. Best in the world is not too far a stretch.

The rest of the resort is snowboarder friendly. Long traverses are pitched well enough to avoid that dreaded four letter word - ‘walk’.

On-Piste Terrain

With around 200km of on-piste trails, plus some groomed ski routes, the resort has an equal amount of joy for everyone. Well over 2/3 of the resort trails are perfect for beginner/intermediate skiers & snowboarders, which, let’s face it, is the majority of the ski public.

Novice & Beginner

Learn to ski areas are down low in sheltered locations at Flims, Laax base & Falera. A vast network of beginner trails are available for progression, the majority of which are (sadly) more like linking traverses than real piste. Exceptions are above Alp Dado & around Nagens. Many of the intermediate pistes will be easy enough for progressing beginners.


With around 80km of intermediate rated piste runs, Intermediates are well at home in Laax. Combined with the similar amount rated as beginner, intermediates can safely navigate the entire resort. Only one lift has no designated beginner or intermediate rated trail (Lavadinas), however in good snow conditions the advanced trail from Sattel is a simple undertaking for strong intermediates. How else are you going to access the best grilled bratwursts on the hill?


The advanced piste trails are all reasonably sedate. The lower elevation runs (like #65 into Laax) can get a little icy, increasing the challenge factor. The marked routes & off piste will provide the real joy to advanced snow riders.

Off Piste Freeride & Powder Terrain

The alpine terrain at Laax is vast enough to ensure fresh turns in the off-piste well after the last snowfall. The opportunities for tree skiing should be explored, but care taken when considering the exits. The are some surprisingly isolated valleys between Flims & Laax.

The masses will appreciate the safety afforded by the many marked ski routes all over the resort. The adventurous will appreciate that in good visibility & stable snow, it is easy to find your piece of powder paradise without interacting with the hordes! Understand though, Laax is popular & can get busy. Get out early on a powder day & watch for the opening of lifts like Lavadinas to get the goods.