Andermatt Sedrun Lifts & Terrain

Andermatt Sedrun Lifts & Terrain

Our Terrain Ratings

Powderhound rating = advanced/expert terrain + powder + freshies + uncrowded

Our Terrain Ratings

Powderhound rating = advanced/expert terrain + powder + freshies + uncrowded

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     Andermatt Sedrun Ski Trail & Piste Map
  • Andermatt Sedrun Trail Map
  • Vertical (m)
    1,444m - 2,961m (1,519m)
  • Average Snow Fall
    6 - 10m
  • Lifts (21)
    4 Gondolas / cable cars
    9 Chairs
    Incl. Disentis - 33 lifts
  • Opening Dates & Times
    Late Oct/early Nov to mid-May
    8:00am to 4:15pm

    Late Nov to mid-April
    8:00am to 4:15pm
  • Terrain Summary
    Runs - 120km+
    Longest run - 10km
    Advanced - 50%
    Intermediate - 35%
    Beginner - 15%

    Incl. Disentis - 180km
  • Lift Pass Price
    Day Ticket 21/22
    Valid Andermatt-Sedrun-Disentis
    Dynamic Lift Pass Pricing
    Adult - up to CHF93
    Child - up to CHF47
    Child u/6yr - Free
    Andermatt ski trail map
  • Andermatt Ski Trail Map
    Sedrun Ski Trail Map
  • Sedrun Ski Trail Map
    Disentis Ski Trail Map
  • Disentis Ski Trail Map

Andermatt Sedrun Skiing & Snowboarding

There are two distinct sides to the SkiArena Andermatt Sedrun ski resort. One is the dark, north facing 1,500m vertical face of the Gemsstock looming over Andermatt. The other is the sunny south facing slopes heading for over 10km from Andermatt township across the Oberalppass to neighbouring Sedrun.

See here for the full SkiArena ski trail map.

The Gemsstock is the natural habitat for the advanced and expert skier and snowboarder. The cable cars to the top are generally packed with back country equipped snow riders looking to harvest some powder. Some good intermediate terrain exists mid mountain, and recent improvements to the valley trail make it approachable for higher intermediate skiers, despite its sectional black status!

To the east of Andermatt the sunny slopes are slowly becoming an intermediates paradise. New lifts, 6er chairs and gondolas are transforming the area from Nätschen to Oberalppass, eventually making the train ride to Sedrun a novelty rather than a necessity.

In Sedrun, long intermediate piste extends from Dieni all the way over two minor peaks to Oberalppass. The ski resort’s best beginner terrain is in Sedrun itself on Valtgeva, as is a terrain park.

Ski Lifts

The ski lifts at Andermatt Sedrun have undergone the most significant change of any ski resort in Europe in the last few years. The redevelopment of Andermatt Sedrun's lift system began in 2015. It is one of the world's largest & most ambitious ski resort expansions. In short, with the focus mainly on the Andermatt side of Oberalppass, the lift redevelopment achieves several major outcomes for the resort:
1. Replaces old infrastructure (i.e. The ancient Nätschen double chair, a quad chair and surface lift have been replaced by the 2 stage Gütsch Express 8er gondola & base closer to village level, extending the full 900m vertical to the top);
2. Expands into new terrain increasing intermediate & advanced piste trails (plus easy access to freeride routes) and fully lift linking Andermatt to Sedrun (4 new 6er chairs & an 8er gondola to link near Oberalppass, plus terrain up to 2,600m elevation above Operalppass);
3. Changes current terrain usage (i.e. established a new learn-to-ski area at Natschen plus removal of old lift infrastructure & the old rail ski crossing - now a tunnel); and
4. Linking the train station at Andermatt to services & lifts via underground passages, removing conflict between cars, trains & skiers on the surface!
5. Creating a cable car lift link from Sedrun up into Disentis 3000 ski resort.

There are a number of other developments on the wish list, the most critical being an 8-seater gondola to reduce waiting times at the Gemsstock base. The Gemsstock cable car waiting times are excessive & the single biggest issue at Andermatt currently. However, some would say it is a matter of perspective. The current cable cars limit the number of freeriders on the mountain at any one time which assists in having a quiet, uncrowded ski experience on one the best off-piste ski mountains in the world.

From a local resident & skier’s point of view, we wonder how they feel about all the lift development in their little piece of alpine paradise. Several that we spoke to were initially concerned but that appears to have evaporated. Replacing old banger double chairs with modern gondolas will tend to do that, no matter how ‘hard’ you are! We have previously lamented the limiting nature of the Gemsstock cable cars on a busy day. With the benefit of further experience in the resort, we are now of the view that the limitation is a small price to pay for the better ski experience smaller numbers of skiers alighting at the summit brings.

Certainly, from a Powderhounds point of view, developments like what has occurred at Andermatt can be detrimental to the pursuit of untracked powder. The lift expansion to Oberalppass has already pushed freeriders into the nearby backcountry earlier in any powder snow phase. But the reality is Andermatt’s topography allows it to cope & cope well. We experienced deep untracked powder on the Gemsstock within a 5min traverse from the top of the cable car, 10 days after the last significant snowfall (see photos with our latest review here).

The lift system enhancements at Andermatt Sedrun have improved the original Powderhounds 2017 rating of 3 powder-paws to 5 in 2019.

Lift Pass

The SkiArena Andermatt Sedrun ski resort uses dynamic lift pricing system dependent on time of year, demand, and terrain open. Lift prices vary greatly throughout the season, and whilst they can quite low on some days, they can also be incredibly high on others. The price structure makes Andermatt Sedrun one for the most competitive lift prices in Europe ……… at least on some days!

Lift passes at Andermatt & Sedrun cover all lifts in the ski resort plus the ski lifts at nearby Disentis. For single day passes, one can elect to include (or not) the train (Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn) between the ski resorts. Including the train costs and extra CHF4 for an adult on a day pass. All multi-day lift passes of 2-days or greater automatically include the train on the pass.

Andermatt Ski & Snowboard Terrain

The two sides of Andermatt offer vastly differing ski terrain, temperatures, sunshine & snow quality. The north facing Gemsstock piste trails & inbounds are shaded for much of the day leaving the temperatures lower & snow quality better for longer than the north facing Natschen pistes.

See the Andermatt ski trail map.

The Gemsstock rightfully attracts much of the attention for advanced skiers and riders, however the lift system can make it a frustrating journey on busy days, particularly weekends. Intermediates can enjoy a selection of fun 300m vertical trails from the mid station at Gurschen utilising the 6-seater chairlift. Otherwise it is hurry up and wait for the cable car. Note that because the cable car mid station at Gürschen is on a high ridge line, all the main advanced piste & off-piste from the top of Gemsstock on the Gürschen glacier will require a hard left turn at the bottom to get back to the Gürschenalp 6er chair, or else you are heading all the way back to town!

The Nätschen side now has a new highest point of over 2,600m at Schneehüenerstock above Oberalppass. The new advanced & intermediate trails provide a wonderful alternative to the quickly tracked Gemsstock pistes and bowls. Whilst many of them are a touch too off-camber & short for our liking, intermediate skiers & snowboarders can now go on a rollicking ski journey on groomed runs all the way to Dieni near Sedrun. The journey can take as long or quick as you like, but an insider’s choice is do a warm-up down the new advanced piste back down into Andermatt from the Nätschen gondola mid station first thing in the morning & then move on!

Sedrun Ski & Snowboard Terrain

Sedrun is perfect for intermediate skiers and riders wanting wide sunny slopes & few people. The separate beginner area & snow park at Valtgeva near Sedrun thins the crowd even more.

See the Sedrun ski trail map.

The real skiing starts above Sedrun at Dieni. Wide intermediate slopes stream down the 725m vertical from Cuolm Val to Dieni. A range of shorter 300m+ vertical trails link Cuolm Val to Oberalppass via Val Val (sic) and Calmut. Lovers of wide-open, long intermediate piste trails should not skimp on spending time at Sedrun’s Dieni. There is glorious skiing across ten modern chairlifts and gondolas all the way to Andermatt township.

The Sedrun side of the resort has been linked with neighbouring Disentis by a new cable car to the Valtgeva area from season 19/20, expanding the available ski terrain exponentially.

For Novices & Beginners

Andermatt Sedrun ski resort has paid particular attention of late to improving beginner skier areas. Whilst Sedrun has always has a perfect area to learn at Valtgeva, Andermatt has not. That has recently changed with the creation of a specific novice area near Nätschen station. Called the MATTI Kids arena and situated at 1,842m elevation the area is absolutely snow sure and easily accessible via either the train or gondola.

For progressing beginners, the ultimate ski run at Andermatt is from the top of the Gütsch Express gondola at 2,344m and then skiing all the way down and over the railway lines at Natschen, continuing down the sled run (the summer road to Oberalppass) into town at 1,444m – a grand 900m descent. On completion you will have earned progression to some of the intermediate slopes.

For the Powderhound

One could be mistaken for thinking that on a powder day one should immediately head up the Gemsstock with the seething horde. All well & good if you are on the first few cable cars. Not so great if you are waiting. Instead, take the Gütsch Express gondola to the top instead & ski powder on the southerly aspects or take an early train and start at one of the higher stations (Nätschen or Oberalppass) and be first in line at one of the higher lifts or ski straight back down the line into Andermatt – yee har. The morning train often has the Après Ski Carriage serving great coffees on the way up to Oberalppass – a delicious bonus. When the morning lines die down, head to the Gemsstock for some huge freeride lines

If in Sedrun, same thing. Start directly from Dieni if there are no lift lines, otherwise take a train up higher if the timetable allows. With the new ski lifts in place, off piste terrain available for Powderhounds has vastly increased.

Backcountry Skiing

A mecca for freeride & backcountry skiers or riders, Andermatt has access to a range of long descents, numerous peaks over 3000m and a variety of mountain huts suitable for overnight stays.

On the Gemsstock, stairs leading directly from near the back of the summit station & traverses with short climbs, lead to 1500m vertical backcountry lines that are as good or better than anything in the rest of world – hands down. Easily accessed & navigated lines head into the Felsental and end up in the valley between Andermatt & Hospental. Easily accessible backcountry up to the Rossbodenstock from Oberalppass has vast swathes of untracked snow on its north facing terrain as well.

Another option is the Urner Skiers Haute Route which starts near Andermatt and ends at Engelberg. The Urner is the ultimate backcountry journey in the area and has a focus on easy ascents (relatively!) and classic, long ski descents.

A secret to visiting Andermatt for the first time & scoring that powder, days after a snowfall, is to cough up for a guide. The Gemsstock can be a wicked beast of a mountain that guards its secrets well. Unlike many of Switzerland’s best freeride locations (i.e. Engelberg, Verbier), one cannot see most of the terrain on the Gemsstock. You can spend an inordinate amount of time & energy checking it out for yourself, seeking the treasure. Better to just get a guide, even if just for one day, & safely enjoy this amazing mountain.

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