Food & Nightlife

Food & Nightlife

Wagner Custome Skis
Lots of visitors to Silver Star stay in condos or houses and stay “at home” for dinner, rather than venturing out in the evenings. So not surprisingly there aren’t that many Silver Star restaurants, and the nightlife is reasonable sedate.

Silver Star Restaurants

Many of the restaurants at Silver Star are very affordable, family friendly, and serve up reasonably simple nosh, although a few of the Silver Star restaurants stand out from the ordinary.

The Silver Grill is a fine dining restaurant that has a small menu of delicate and sumptuous food that is well presented. This restaurant also has great wines including lots of local Okanagan wines.

The Den has some typical pub fare along with some Asian cuisine and eclectic dishes. The cocktails are pretty sweet too.

1609 tries to provide a slightly more upscale dining experience but it’s still mostly pub grub along with a few gastro pub items. We found the service to be really sloooooow.

DiVine Cellar (lower level of the Bulldog Hotel) serves up tapas and wines in a living room type setting.

HB Pizza is a pizza restaurant and they also provide a delivery service to your condo if you don’t want to go out and brave the cold.

All the pubs serve up classic Canadian pub fare.

Dinner Tours

For a unique and special experience, there are a few dinner tours at the Silver Star Resort.

One option is to take a sleigh ride to have dinner at the Wild Horseman’s Cabin. Alternatively you can do a snowshoe tour to get to the cabin, and when you’re delightfully relaxed after a feed, you can then get a sleigh ride back.

Other dinner tours head to the rustic yet upscale Paradise Camp on the backside of the ski resort for fine dining. One option is a snowcat dinner tour to get to Paradise Camp (a snowcat is a grooming machine with a cabin on the back) or you can go on a snowmobile to get there.

Silver Star Nightlife & Bars

Silver Star is not party central. There is some Silver Star nightlife, but it’s reasonably quiet because most people are back at the house hanging out with the family.

Long John’s is a great place for après ski drinks. It’s cosy and doesn’t feel cavernous like some of the other Silver Star pubs. Even during daylight hours it’s dark because it doesn’t have any windows, so you could easily stay on for hours and not realise it’s got dark outside.

The Bulldog Café, Red Antler and the Den are also nice bars for après drinks or after après (would that be called après après??!).