These videos are from the Powderhounds trip with Ice Axe Expeditions to ski in Antarctica

Ski Antarctica

On the Antarctica ski trip with Ice Axe Expeditions we spent a morning at Nansen Island and skinned up "It Doesn't Matter Horn". We were sooo lucky with the weather and the scenery was absolutely gorgeous!! Stills contributions: Anson Cheng & Alex Feldman.

The weather was gorgeous bluebird on some days and one day it snowed, which is somewhat rare in Antarctica. The skiing in Antarctica combined with the scenery, the wildlife and raw magnificence made it a trip of a lifetime.


Antarctica Penguins

The penguins just added to the major appeal of the ski trip to Antarctica. They were pretty cute!

Zodiac Cruising

The skiing in Antarctica was fabulous but it was also nice to appreciate the magnificence of Antarctica from the perspective of cruising around in a zodiac. We saw plenty of leopard seals and were fortunate enough to get very very close to a few curious Leopard Seals without them wanting to bite the Zodiac pontoons!

The Drake Passage

The Drake Passage (the body of water between Cape Horn and Antarctica) is infamous for very rough seas and many a sick bag being used. Fortunately or unfortunately, we didn't get the full "Drake Shake" experience. We obviously enjoyed watching the waves from the uppermost deck of the boat, and yes the camera got drenched in a lot of salt water!

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