Hakkoda Food & Nightlife


Hakkoda Food & Nightlife

Hakkoda Restaurants

At Hakkoda there are only restaurants for day time fare.

Sansou Lodge at the base of the lifts is a reasonably good spot for lunch. They have fairly standard Japanese food such as noodles, curries and donburis. They also have bakery goods and naughty cakes that are pretty special, and they do proper coffees (but don’t get too excited – this is Japan!) and nice hot chocolates.

The best lunch venue is next door at the Hakkoda Park (in between the Sanso and the Hakkoda Resort Hotel). They have a large range of curries, rice dishes, and ramens, as well as fried chicken and chips. Some days they even pull out all the stops with a Yakiniku / Bulgogi (barbequed beef).

The Resthouse Hakkoda (next to the base station) has noodle dishes, rice dishes and curries. The Summit Restaurant in the top ropeway station has similar fare as well as some barbeque options. The top ropeway station also has a little kiosk selling hot beverages and snacks that you can munch on whilst huddling around the heaters.

Of course Hakkoda also has the obligatory vending machines if you’re after a hot or cold drink.

In effect there are no evening restaurants in Hakkoda because all the hotels include dinner as part of the lodging package.

Après or nightlife doesn’t really exist at Hakkoda as there are no bars or pubs. Hakkoda nightlife consists of an onsen, dinner and whatever fun you can make at your hotel with the Chu-His from the vending machine.