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The Peaks of Siglufjörður Ski Tour

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The Peaks of Siglufjörður Ski Tour Enquire
Price p/p From price based on 6-day tours, twin/double-share room.
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USD 2,738

6 Days | 5 Nights | 6 Ski Days

Location: Europe | Tour Focus: Guided | Terrain Focus: Backcountry, Sidecountry
Ability: Strong Intermediate to Expert
Price p/p From price based on 6-day tours, twin/double-share room.
Base/invoice currency is in ISK (or EUR) incl taxes.
USD 2,738
Explore the peaks of Iceland's fabled Troll Peninsula, ski touring & riding powder for 6 days, soaking in geothermal pools & staying in comfort at Sigló, a new, comfortable traditional style hotel at the town of Siglufjordur. Join a "fixed date" tour or get your own group together for a private custom tour.
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Peaks of Siglufjörður Ski Tour

World-Renowned Backcountry Skiing in North Iceland

Deservedly, the Troll peninsula, or Tröllaskagi, in North Iceland has become world-renowned for its backcountry skiing and ski mountaineering. The region’s uniqueness is attributed to the long runs it offers from mountain tops to the ocean. The cherry on top is that you will find good snowpack lasting well into spring.

Your days will be spent touring the mountains of the area. The skiing possibilities here are endless, and every day new summits, valleys and open slopes will be explored on your ski touring adventure. You can expect moderate difficulty each day, with at least 800 m (2630ft) skinning ascents on most days. Additional ski touring possibilities for those who like more skiing are possible.

After a fun-filled day of skiing, each night you will unwind at the Sigló, a new and comfortable traditional style hotel situated right at the fisherman’s marina in the town of Siglufjörður. The hotel’s fabulous restaurant, outdoor hot tub and surrounding landscape, make it the perfect place to rest and possibly spot the amazing Northern Lights. For more information see the Lodging tab.

Don’t miss out on some of the best ski touring in Iceland!

The tour starts & finishes in the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik & you can see the full tour program via the Itinerary tab.

The Peaks of Siglufjörður Ski Tour
The Peaks of Siglufjordur Ski Tour
The Peaks of Siglufjörður Ski Tour

Snow, Weather & Terrain

The Troll Peninsula (Tröllaskagi in Icelandic) is a remarkable location of mountains, valleys & fjords between Skagafjörður and Eyjafjorður in northern Iceland. Its peaks reach up to 1200m, with the Kerling, the highest peak, reaching 1528m. The area is punctuated with deep valleys left behind by long-gone glaciers; now cut by rivers. It covers an area of 150 km² and holds 150 small glaciers.

Being in the far north, near-Arctic latitudes mean that the springtime sun is not strong, allowing the deep snow pack to stay fresh & cold. So there’s no need for an early start, the snow will stay good the whole day, even on the south facing aspects. A relaxed pace ensures your group has a good breakfast and will get out by 9:30am ish (depending on weather and conditions). 

For most people that come ski touring in Tröllaskagi, the novelty is skiing down to the sea. The majority of the mountains start just above sea level and rise to around 1000m: no single climb will be a big day out, allowing more runs per day. Those wanting more will usually do 'link ups '- dropping a few hundred meters off the first summit and skinning up to the next one. The terrain is perfect for as much or little as the group members want, with plenty of features mid-way where a run can end and a skinning track begin.

Ski Ability & Equipment

The Peaks of Siglufjörður ski tour is classed as 'challenging' & is only suitable for fit, strong intermediate or better skiers with previous ski-touring experience. Ski days range from 3- 7hr duration, with maximum accumulated ascent of 800m-1200m/day depending on the fitness, skills & wishes of the group. Additional vertical is possible for experienced guests. All guests are required to bring their own ski or snowboard touring equipment (including skins & avalanche safety equipment) & know how to use it.

Small Groups

The Peaks of Siglufjörður ski tour is restricted to a minimum of 4 & maximum of 12 guests per group. Guests must be aged 18yr or older. Two guides accompany tours of 9 - 12 guests.


Long slopes, majestic peaks and a charming Icelandic town in the North. The perfect ski tour adventure!

DAY 1 - Reykjavík - Akureyri - Siglufjörður

Start with an early morning flight from Reykjavik domestic airport to Akureyri. The flight only takes 45min with beautiful aerial views over the central highlands. From the Akureyri airport, we drive for 2hr to Siglufjörður, a small picturesque fishing town 77 km (48 mi) north of Akureyri and the setting of the mystery television series Trapped. Your 'basecamp' will be the comfortable Sigló Hotel located at the harbourside. After getting settled at the hotel, the group will head out for the first skiing experience in the afternoon. In the evening,  return to the hotel to get ready for a welcome dinner.
Driving: 2 hrs
Skiing: 3 hrs
Ascent/Descent: 600 - 700 m (1970 - 2300 ft)

DAY 2 - Héðinsfjörður the Uninhabited Fjord

A short drive takes the group to the once inhabited and now abandoned Héðinsfjörður. Enjoy the scenery and hear the stories about how the local people gave up settling this narrow fjord, offering insights into Iceland’s history. The aim is to skin up to the Vatnsendahnjúkur where the group can enjoy the view down this narrow fjord before descending the perfectly angled slopes. As for the other days during the ski tour, days will be kept to a moderate difficulty. After a short rest, the guide will offer all those who are interested to have additional skiing.
Driving: 0.5 - 1 hr
Skiing: 5 hr
Ascent/Descent: 800 - 900 m (2625 - 2950 ft)(option for more)

DAY 3 - Dalvík and the Neighboring Valleys

Today, you will head to the village of Dalvík. This is a small, quaint, typically Icelandic fishing village with beautiful views across the fjord & snowy, jagged peaks on the other side. The backyard of the town offers good ski slopes and after an enjoyable day of skiing, the group will visit the local swimming pool before heading back to your hotel.
Driving: 1 hr
Skiing: 5 hrs
Ascent/Descent: 900 - 1000 m (2625 - 3280 ft)

DAY 4 - High Peaks and Ocean View

There are no shortage of high peaks or ski slopes on the Troll Peninsula. Today aims for dramatic viewpoints where you can see the sea from all sides. After the first descent of the day, the group will skin up to another mountain pass before skiing down to the sea.
Driving: 1 hr
Skiing: 5 - 6 hrs
Ascent/Descent: 900 - 1000 m (2625 - 3280 ft)

The Peaks of Siglufjörður Ski Tour
The Peaks of Siglufjordur Ski Tour
The Peaks of Siglufjörður Ski Tour

DAY 5 - Jumping from One Fjord to Another

At the bottom of the valley are good ski slopes and nice peaks. In the morning, cross the tunnel into the nearby Héðinsfjorður and from there make the ascent to the peak. At the top, a great view unfolds down to Siglufjörður where you will ski all the way down. After lunch, there are options to either visit the Herring museum located in the town and have a relaxed afternoon, or continue skiing for those who have not had enough. For the afternoon skiing the lift at the local ski area will be used to get access to the backcountry. The aim is to descend towards the sea and come down in the next valley. From there it is only a short drive back to the hotel.
Driving: 1 hr
Skiing: 5 hrs
Ascent/Decent: 800 m (2625 ft) (with option to do more)

DAY 6 - Eyjafjörður - Akureyri - Reykjavík

Today the group leaves with all your luggage. You will keep outdoor clothing on and go for one last ski run on your way to Akureyri. In the afternoon, you board the 45min flight back to Reykjavik domestic airport where your tour ends.
Driving: 2 hrs
Skiing: 3 hrs
Ascent/Descent: 600 - 800 m (1970 - 2625 ft)

Please note: The day to day activities are subject to change according to weather and snow condition and will not necessary be in the described order. Final decision on which routes will be skied each day is in the hands of the guide, and is based on snow conditions, avalanche danger & the wishes of the group etc. All times are approximate. There are abundant possibilities for skiing in the area. For example, the group might do some classic routes like Hesturinn (the Horse), Hestaskarðshnjúkar or Fýlaskarðshnjúkar or test your skills at some known steep descents like Rimar or Finninn (the Finn).


Sigló Hotel

During your Peaks of Siglufjörður Ski Tour, you will spend five nights in the deluxe new Sigló Hotel in the village of Siglufjörður. Enjoy this unique location on the waterfront on the village with all the comforts one expects of a 4-star hotel. The perfect way to end a ski touring day in the mountains.

The Peaks of Siglufjörður Ski Tour
The Peaks of Siglufjordur Ski Tour
The Peaks of Siglufjörður Ski Tour

Rates & Inclusions


6 days, 5 nights, 6 days skiing from ISK365,000 (approx€2808)

  • ACCOMMODATION: 5 Nights Accommodation at Sigló Hotel
  • MEALS: 5 Breakfasts, 6 lunches & 1 Welcome Dinner
  • HOSTED & GUIDED: Hosting & Guiding for Entire Tour Duration.
  • FLIGHT: Return Flight Reykjavik - Akureyri - Reykjavik
  • GROUND TRANSPORT: All Ground Transport During Tour. (4WD van)
  • PRE & POST TOUR LODGING: Accommodation in Reykjavik prior &/or post tour (price on application)
  • SINGLE ROOM: price on application
Not Included
Terms & conditions are as per those outlined by Icelandic Mountain Guides at the time of booking.